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Fancy having your mods/skins/files hosted on devilmaycry.org? Read on!

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Fearfully and wonderfully made
If you would like for your creation to appear on devilmaycry.org for all the world to see, do be sure to follow this quick guide that I've compiled.

Pre-Submission Form
I hate forms, you hate forms, but this one isn't so bad. When submitting a mod, please fill in the following:

Author: (not necessary unless there are multiple authors)
Version: (usually v1.0)
File size: (not essential)
Mod homepage: I'll provide a link to your site on the mod page
PayPal Email address: If you want to receive donations for your work, leave your PayPal email address and I'll add a big shiny 'DONATE' button on the mod page.
Description: Doesn't have to be an essay. However, the longer and more descriptive it is, the better. Wall o' texts are fine and entirely welcome.
Image Previews: Got some? Great! I'll include any screenshots you've got.

You can either upload your mod or file archive to your favourite file hosting website (sendfile, putfile, sendspace, etc.) or, provided it's not an enormous file, you can upload it using the "Attach a File" option when creating a new thread/post.

Just skip any of 'em if they do not apply to you.

If you want to learn a little more about the mod system, go ahead and have a peek here.

How to pack your work into an executable installer
If you want to make it easier for users to install your work - there's some brilliant freeware Windows installer programs out there that make it easy for you to bundle all of your mod files into one easy installer package:

1. http://www.sminstall.com/
2. http://www.createinstall.com/
3. http://installsimple.en.softonic.com/
4. http://www.advancedinstaller.com/

Edit: Oh, and one last thing - this'll basically be what your mod page will look like.
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