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Fancast your choice for voice actors for the animated series


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Let's assume they don't use the voice actors from the games for the animated series (and assume that will ever get made). Who would you like to see voicing the characters?

My choices

Crispin Freeman as Dante

Grey DeLisle as Trish

Kelly Hu as Lady

Khary Payton as Vergil

Stephen Yeun as Nero

Keith Szarabajka as Mundus

Jennifer Freeman as Eva

Ike Amadi as Sparda

Karen Dyer as Lucia

Danica MacKeller as Kyrie

Nolan North as Sanctus

Will Yun Lee as Credo

Chris Jai Alex as Agnus

Kimberly Brooks as Matier

Stephanie Lemelin as Nico

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Castlevania had a lot of European actors so I don't know if DMC would follow suit.

Technically DMC is set in the States but they could change that. I was hoping DmC was gonna be in London.

The Fortuna characters should have an accent.
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