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Drama CD


I Saw the Devil
I was surprised to see that there wasn't a tread for it. Hasn't anyone else heard them?


Gilver FTW!
There wasn't a thread about the Drama CDs here?
Well, in Devil's Lair there was this huge thread about them, but that site is pretty much dead now and the forums are gone.

These were only available in Japan and in Japanese only. A guy from the Capcom-Unity DMC forums posted this translation (only the major plot points and cool stuff are here):

In the first CD Drama : VOL.1 - OLD FRIENDS !!

-Enzo is present. Enzo was mentioned in the DMC1 Manual and is in the DMC3 manga and the novels. He still has not appeared in any of the games though. He was in the American DMC comic from Dreamwave as an overweight Latino Bartender, everywhere else he's a short Italian guy.

- At one point Lady says the name "Devil Never Cry" so she is aware of Dante's place being called that at one time.

- Agni and Rudra from DMC3 appear as talking swords but Dante doesn't use them. Patty meets them for the first time (they both know Morrison) and towards the end they taunt Enzo.

- Dante uses FREAKING ALASTOR to defeat a possessed Lady!!! I'm guessing because he doesn't want to harm her so he uses a lot of electric attacks, and those are the noises you hear when they fight. Fret not Lady fans, she gets revenge against the monster that possessed her later by firing a big missile at him LOL! Dante gets the final take down blow naturally.

And the second CD Drama: VOL.2

- A woman named Foster seems to run Patty's orphanage (not sure if these dramas take place after the anime or during, because Patty leaves the orphanage after) and asks Dante for help on a case. Foster? Have they been watching Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends or is this just a pun, you know Foster / Foster home LOL!

- A Demon masquerading as Peter Pan kidnaps all of the foster kids including Patty and takes them to 'Neverland.' Not sure if Neverland is in a Demon Dimension or outside in the forest, but you hear a lot of woodland creatures. Anyway Peter Pan convinces the kids they are the 'Lost Boys' and that Dante is Captain Hook. He is eventually taken down by Trish.

- There's a second story where police investigate the entire crew. The episode is called 'Strawberry Sundae Murder,' yes they love Strawberry Sundaes in this series ROFL! The cops go by the names Steve and Mclain. MCLAIN? So now these guys are Die Hard fans HA HA! Not much to note here (from what I could understand anyway) other than Dante is not guilty of course heh! Oh and when the cops interview Lady at the Police Station, they call her by her birth name 'Mary Arkham,' but she corrects them and they refer to her as Lady for the rest of the interrogation.

It sounds pretty interesting overall, I'll download those Drama CDs, upload them to a few servers and post them here. Hopefully there are some people over here who know Japanese well enough to provide a more in-depth translation.


I Saw the Devil
Yeah, I've read that.

I don't speak a great deal of Japanese but I could her the jist of the story. Dante also used Cerberus, which is called keruberos and I hate that pronounciation.

From what I can gather Dante is approached by Enzo (there's some banter and Enzo seems to be poking fun at Dante) for a job and along with Trish, who they meet outside, they go and discuss things in detain elsewhere. They end up in what sounds like a cave where they findand fight a demon. Enzo seems to have become the demon's target and he's hidding at Dante's place. It seems that Enzo knows Morrison and seems rather happy to see him.

While Patty is talking with the swords and the rest of the gang Lady is walking in circles durirng the conversation while tinkering with something, her gun I guess. At one point Patty askes her a question, she stops and pull out her gun and opens fire and is now trying to kill everyone, not just Enzo; she is obviously possesed. Dante crashes in with Cerberus, whish he uses to stop the bullets but eventually has to call his 'budy' or 'partner' (aibou), Alistor. He electrecuts her and she's stunt but ok. The demons escapes but Dante, Trish, and Lady track it down and take out the demon. The story seems to end on a comical note.
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