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DMC4 Advanced combat tutorials.


This partys getting crazy
Hey I recently came across these fantastic videos made by someone known as ChaserTech. They list pretty much all the advanced mechanics of the game and easily says how to perform and practice them. I thought these would come in handy for anyone trying to improve.

All credit goes to Chaser and the people involved in discovering these techniques.

Dante advanced combat tutorial part 1

Dante advanced combat tutorial part 2

Nero advanced combat tutorial

If anyone gets a chance you should check out his other vids too he's a cool guy and is considered one of the best Nero players around.

I also have a small tutorial video I made about Inertia/Guard Flying


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knew about the stuff already, I barely use some of them, while others I use all the time.

Looks like a very confident player.


This partys getting crazy
Yeah mate he's awesome, there was also gameplay from other great players used in the tutorial. I still want to get the hang of Reverse Rave and Side Raves, but they be so hard! :(


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I'll have to download the videos and check them while I'm playing. Thanks.


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Ok I admitted I suck at Dante in DMC4. I there any basic guide for "how to play as Dante with respect to different enemies"?


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Actually its kinda complicated with struggling. I zerg all thing and screw all tacs for different enemies. It works mostly with nero(because of his buster moves) and I also got S style ranking until level 9- even in DMD mode(rest mission didnt tried for S ranking yet).
But I think this might help me
  • How to face different enemy with Dante?
  • Few basic combo chain for Dante.
  • Tutorial about style switching and weapon switching for Dante.
After getting bit better at Dante I can work on Advance Combat Tut but not before that.

Mainly I am struggling on getting good stylish points and its not satisfying. I even completed DMD mode but mostly D ranking lol - die get up and fight again from last check point :p


This partys getting crazy
Basic Dante Combos
Rather than putting any combos (because everything chains into anything so just let your imagination run wild! :p) I'll give you this advice. when thinking about a combo you only really need to know two things,​
1. does a move knock the enemy away​
2. how risky is the move being used​
The best way to get better with Dante is to just practice his moves, see what they do, how much recovery time is needed. First I'd practice ground combos, just do a couple of sword hits, switch to gauntlets and hit them a couple of times, then to Lucifer back to Rebellion. When you get used to that try using some style moves in between like Prop>pistol Gunslinger> DT'ed Stinger to finish it off. Or if you are feeling adventurous put a couple of double weapon switches in, this will help you get used to weapon/style switching, learning the moves and also keeping enemies in your deadly grasp BWAHAHAHA!!!​
Enemy Tips
If you find an enemy in particular gives you a lot of trouble these should hopefully help if you want to quickly get rid of them (WARNING it's quite a cheap method) ;) I'll be mentioning Distorted Real Impact, to do that just turn Devil Trigger on when the move is hitting them (it's best to DT just before the second hit) also bear in mind some of this may differ slightly in DMD​
Scarecrow: There are two basic types, arm blades and leg blades, the leg bladed ones have higher health and are harder to basic jump cancel but they are fairly simple enemies that shouldn't give too much trouble ;)
Mega-Scarecrow: They have high health and are dangerous at long distance, but all of their ranged moves have high start ups that can be easily seen. They are one of the more tricky enemies to Jump Cancel with.​
kill combo: (Rebellion)grounded High Time (back melee), switch to Gilgamesh, Distorted Real Impact (back style)​
Frost: Returning favorites from DMC1, these guys have high health, are hard to flinch and have the ability to regain health. Try to keep an eye on them as they are un-predictable and have quick attacks. On DMD they backflip out of air combos after a few hits.​
kill combo: (Rebellion) Prop (Swordmaster attack), switch to Gilgamesh, Distorted Real Impact​
Mephesto: Quite slow with predictable moves. You need to remove their cloak with guns/Devil Bringer else you won't do much damage, great for practicing Jump Canceling. Also if you parry their spike finger move and counter attack while they are flinching, your moves will do normal damage as if there was no cloak present.​
Best way to remove cloaks of Mephestos: Some people say charge Shotgun shots, but personally I find Charge pistols to be much more effective, you can remove their cloak in half a jump with charge pistols and also bear in mind the Gunslinger moves of the pistols or shotgun is very good, but with the pistols you need to be above them and with the shotgun you need to be almost "inside" the cloak but see what works best for you. Bear in mind Devil Trigger automatically charges your bullets when you have it active.​
kill combo when cloak's gone: Our good ol' friend Distorted Real Impact​
Faust: The big bad version of Mephestos, they have a ton of health and if they "power up" they can become quite a nuisance, however when they become stationary and start to summon their spikes they are quite vulnerable receiving high damage from attacks.​
Best way to remove cloak: Defiantly Devil Triggered Pandora (the aerial Gatling gun) it removes the cloak in two or three hits.​
kill combo when cloak's gone: Distorted Real Impact, may take two but if distorted correctly will only take one.​
Also after Mephestos/Fausts cloak has gone, if they start to move do a grounded High Time before the Distorted Real Impact else if may not hit them.​
Bianco Angelo: The knights with the lances, after three hits to their shield they will parry and counter attack this can be a great method to practice the timings of Royal Guard when things are quiet. They have high health and are good to practice Jump Canceling with however if they still have their shields they will fly out of aerial combos after a few hits. On DMD watch out for their "air poke" when you are in the air, it is quite quick and fairly unpredictable.​
Best way to remove shield: The best methods I find are to either practice your Royal Guarding ;) or to use Pandoras Omen move (forward Gunslinger Style) even if it has no charge it will still remove their shield, but be warned it is a slow move with a long start up and bad recovery time. Yamato can also be good as their shields cannot deflect it.​
kill combo when shield's gone: High Time, Distorted Real Impact (noticing a pattern here?;))​
Alto Angelo: The tougher versions of Biancos, the only advice I can offer in regards to these chaps is to keep an eye on them, they can be quite tricksy, but like the Biancos when their shield is gone they make great Jump Cancel practice.​
Best way to remove shield: This one goes to the Pandora method, Altos move around too much and their shields are too tough for the other methods to apply. Watch out though because they can regenerate their shields surprisingly fast and are still a fair threat without them.​
kill combo when shield's gone: High time, DRI (if done right will always be a one hit kill)​
Also when fighting two Biancos and an Alto if you want to deflect the ball, pretty much anything works so it's best to use something like Prop/Shredder (Rebellion, Swordmaster)​
Cutlass: weird annoying inter-dimensional shark mole things with swords on their heads these guys can be annoying, that's all that can really be said. Luckily you don't have to fight them often.​
kill combo: use Charged pistol shots until they get stunned when they are "swimming" around, then you can run up to them, use High Time and DRI.​
Gladius: The weird flying sword squids, they have a useful audio cue before they launch their attacks which regularly seem to come from off-screen. Watch out for their spinning attack and dodge to the side.​
kill combo: Use shotgun shots to bring them down, the gunslinger moves of the shotgun are also very effective against groups, then Trickster dash towards them if they are far away and then do what you want, that's right no DRI! :D practicing Royal Releases is also very good at killing them in one hit and sometimes it hits several if you're lucky.​
Basilisk: The last of Agnus' creations (man that guys weird!:confused:) these dogs are quick and can be troublesome on DMD. They have a useful audio cue before attacking and they can be good for practicing Royal Guard, just watch out for their two distinct attacks, one fires it's ball(head) from a distance and the other involves the dog pouncing at you and firing it at point blank range, it can be hard distinguishing the two as it happens so fast so be careful also watch out for friends attacking you. I'd recommend using Trickster, Rebellion and the shotgun against them, also DT'ed Stinger works GREAT against groups.​
Assault: Also returning from DMC1 but with a new name these reptile-demons have high health and like Frosts are tough to make flinch, they are also quite quick and have fast attacks so watch out for them, they usually attack in groups so use fast moves and be ready to dodge at all times. Use shotgun shots to knock them out of their spinning air attack but you need to be fairly close so be careful. If they start to block your attacks a DRI can sometimes catch them as they lower it :cool:
kill combo: Use Prop first then DRI.​
Chimera seed: The seed things.....just do what you want again. Useful for practicing Royal Guard, also bear in mind they high a high flinch and move back further than most enemies when being hit. DT Stinger, Drive (Rebellion, back Swordmaster) and Pandoras big laser are good at taking out groups.​
Chimera: Everyone's favorite *sarcasm* these things knock you out of combos with their tentacle swipes (which does too much damage imo) and there is no clear sign of it doing it so keep your distance until the seed is gone or use powerful ranged moves such as Drive (Rebellion, back Swordmaster). The best way to remove the seeds is with Pandora or charged shotgun shots depending on how manic the situation is. When the seed is gone, refer to it's initial creature.;)
Blitz: The big bad of canon fodder, or so everyone says. These cuddly lighting bears with no fur are actually not as bad as you'd think against the son of Sparda you only need a bit of confidence ;) They dash around a lot of attack out of nowhere, they also have an explosion attack and a ranged lighting attack. Also watch out for their quick swipe when you are in close range.​
There's a few ways to get round their shield but until you feel better about avoiding their attacks it's probably best to focus on dodging. Just run around jumping (not double jumping) then when you see him attack you can use the double jump to dodge, if you are in trickster you can also have a second chance to dodge should you double jump too fast. You can use charged shotgun shots against them or if you catch them at the beginning or if they use their explosion attack you can use Pandoras Omen attack and it will remove the shield in one hit just like against the Angelos. Personally I use the Royal Guard method which is to Royal Guard the lightning attack counter when you melee hit them, it really isn't as hard as it seems and you can practice it in mission 14?... the one with the Blitz at the beginning, it also get's you a ton of DT and works very quickly but it is fairly risky.​
When the shield is gone wait for it to roar at you when it does you know you'll have enough time to run up to it and use a DRI. After you hit it and you both land wait a small moment (try and time it as the Blitz gets up) and use another DRI if you don't wait a bit the second DRI won't hit properly. Then after that they will be one hit away (with anything that does ANY damage) from death, a particularly stylish thing is to use is the Lucifer rose for the final hit, use it and you will see what I mean ;)
Also remember when in Devil Trigger Dante won't flinch which means as long as you have enough DT you can use any of these without fail (just try and save some DT for the DRI!)​
There you go :D Sorry about the super wall. I hope this wasn't too excessive, I've wanted to do something like this for a while. Hope it helps and good luck :D


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Thanks all of you. I read up all you wrote and it easy to understand for me. Jump cancel video also quite helpful. Gonna master PC version even if more annoying :p

Man DRI is awesome lol...thanks for that.
Today 2 mode cleared with S ranking -both easy one
Now time to get S on SoS and DMD - I got S on first 8 mission(all mode) and now only working SoS mode
Actually Nero is very easy but Dante is more powerful and quick if handled right.

SoS mode clear with S ranking.
One more question - Is there any patch release for DMC4?

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Wow!! I feel like such a noob watching this. My DMC4 skills are no where near this, maybe if I practice these moves I might be able to pass Son of Sparda Mode. (Hard)


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Wow!! I feel like such a noob watching this. My DMC4 skills are no where near this, maybe if I practice these moves I might be able to pass Son of Sparda Mode. (Hard)

I feel pro by reading your comment :p
Just got "S" ranking in all modes yesterday still I suck highly at Dante


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I now feel ashamed of my DMC4 skills... *Walks away in shame* lol

Nah man nothing to be shamed about, actually there are only few players who can do such combo's. Most of us average player like finish game and walk away. Actually those people are nerds of DMC and they spent too much time to acquire such skills. If we want such skill then we need to push our limits - thats the only way.

Sparda's rejected son

For Edenoi!
Supporter 2014
Nah man nothing to be shamed about, actually there are only few players who can do such combo's. Most of us average player like finish game and walk away. Actually those people are nerds of DMC and they spent too much time to acquire such skills. If we want such skill then we need to push our limits - thats the only way.
Lol But I need those "nerd skills" to get them "Super Costumes!" Lol If only the 360 version had a cheat code for those costumes... Anyway your right it's all good. :)


This partys getting crazy
Nah man nothing to be shamed about, actually there are only few players who can do such combo's. Most of us average player like finish game and walk away. Actually those people are nerds of DMC and they spent too much time to acquire such skills. If we want such skill then we need to push our limits - thats the only way.

^ The truth! I'm towards the bottom end of skill level in regards to people who use "advanced combos" or who upload vids and I've got over 600 hours with DMC4 alone! XD


"I make the angels scream and the devil cry"
The videos posted in this thread are all very useful, when I saw some of the techniques they used I immediately began to think "but how the hell was I supposed to guess to I could do all this?? XD" I've already seen more impressive fights such as those in the Truestyle Tournament but I thought that the people playing TST were just some kind of gods...but it seems like a human can do it too, good news lol :)

I think fighting with DMC4 Dante is like playing the violin... at the beginning you just suck at it but very high level performances are amazing... It's harsh, but rewarding in the end :)
(Err except I've actually never used a violin xD --')
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