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DMC3 Video Walkthrough


TimeLord Detective
For me Ebony&Ivory along with the Rifle do the job. It is the only gun that increases the Style meter and thus I love it.
My 3rd choice would also be Kaleena Ann though;)


Wesker's #1 fan!
Rifle? I don't even remember the rifle. The shotgun was my best friend in DMC1, but this is the DMC3 forum so anyways...Yeah Im not sure if I even acquired the rifle.


TimeLord Detective
Yes the one you acquire in Nevan's stage. It is not called rifle but it is one, I don't remember the exact name though.


Supreme Ruler
Well there are only five guns in the game four of which your find which are the shotgun, spiral, artemis, and kalinaa ann so I really don't know which "rifle" your talking about then?


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in mission 5 dantes part 2! what does you use to get over the gap in the room of endless inferum?? i don't get any further.... pleas help!!?


TimeLord Detective
Kladden17;77597 said:
in mission 5 dantes part 2! what does you use to get over the gap in the room of endless inferum?? i don't get any further.... pleas help!!?

Just do what both of the Mission 5 videos show and you'll be alright;)

V Crusader

Well-known Member
Thank You. I am new to DMC and to using a gamepad, so its magic to see what can be done. Give's me something to aspire to.


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Tony_Redgrave;40083 said:
For any questions about DMC3 I think these videos here are more than enough to help you in your quest to finish the game;)
They are from masters in DMD/VH not only with Dante but with Vergil also, just to add a variation. And really Mission 17 video saved me with Vergil;)
Also credit to Nowshin for offering the idea!
Further threads for help in DMC3 Missions will be deleted and the posters would be directed here;)

01Mission 01

02Mission 02

03Mission 03

04Mission 04

05VergilMission 05 - Vergil

05Mission 05 - Dante Part 01

Mission 05 - Dante Part 02

06Mission 06

07Mission 07 Part 1

Mission 07 Part 2

08Mission 08

09Mission 09 Part 1

Mission 09 Part 2

10Mission 10

11Mission 11

12Mission 12

13Mission 13

14Mission 14 Part 1

Mission 14 Part 2

15Mission 15 Part 1

Mission 15 Part 2

16Mission 16 Part 1

Mission 16 Part 2

17Mission 17

18Mission 18 Part 1

Mission 18 Part 2

19Mission 19 Part 1

Mission 19 Part 2

20 Royal GuardMission 20

20 Quicksilver Mission 20

20 Trickster Mission 20

Secret Mission with Vergil. I picked him cause with Dante they are easier cause he has more abilities like flying.

Vergil Secret Missions

Hello Tony.
Thanks for the video links that's the thing i really i want i had searched the game videos in the my hard disk but i am not able to find it but now i got it from here so thanks for sharing it..
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