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DmC - PC save game


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Hello there,

I am not sure if it's easily possible to share DmC's save games, however, as my PS3's blu-ray drive just broke, I am thinking of buying DmC through Steam.

I have absolutely no intentions of playing this game again on Nephilim/SoS-difficulty, I just wanted to be able to play on DMD again, so my question is:
Is it possible to share these save games or are they only accessible through your Games for Windows Live account or whatever this game uses? If yes, is anyone who already unlocked DMD willing to upload his save?

Thanks in advance!


I think im sort of dimensional traveller lol
The game is using Steam for activation, but Im unsure If it will tolerate an other people savefiles, as I tried use them on other Steam game and It not seen these saves, or Im wrong if anyone bypassed this thing.
Sorry man, the save is tied to the steam account, you can at least buy all the moves by adjusting the orb count (get 99999 from an enemy) so it won't make it so hard to go through the game. Other than that, the game on PC is incredible visually, depending on your hardware and monitor it can get 200 fps a second.


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Thanks to both of you for clarifying that! Since the loading times are nearly non-existent I guess I might take the time to unlock everything once more.


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Yea it's at 2560x1080. My graphics card can't do 4K and I'd never had an best simracing monitor before so I figured it'd be a good one to go with. Which now that I have it, I don't know that a much bigger one would fit since I set my older monitor up as a second monitor.


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avegame for DmC: Devil May Cry
The game done 100%!

– All assignments completed with SSS
– All keys are found
– All doors are open on a secret mission
– All pumped to the maximum
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