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DMC introduction instructions please !!!! (New Member)


New Member
I am a big fan of DMC and admire how greatly written it was especially Dante and Vergil literally twins and complete opposites but still totally hardcore!!!!!! I love the new DMC game because that remastered one I really could play LOL!!!!!!!!! Does nobody else have that problem with the older dmcs they just so hard to me and stress me out I wanted to ask any dmc historians or any DMC fans like me but are extremely good at the game three questions 1) how did you acquire great skills in the game I’m sooooo good in god of war it literally hurt that I couldn’t be great in this game 2) where is the anime and novels of DMC I just read three pages about Dante drink and yaba daba doom gabba and it was entertaining I turn twenty one in June think I’m gonna have a blast 3) which order should I play the games in I’ve avoided DMC 5 purposely just feel I’m not worthy. Thank you all for whatever response you send I appreciate the thought !!!!!!!!
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