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DMC fan spinoff: I need your help!

I'll be writing a fan spinoff of the Devil May Cry universe, therefore I'll be focusing on original characters as well as canon characters that's not Dante (at least not yet).

I thought about Wattpad but I would have to rely on book covers. I'm sure I can afford to hire some artists from Fiverr or someone from Twitter.

Reason I created this thread is because I'd like to ask if it's alright if I create a progenitor of the Sparda bloodline, in other words, add someone other than Sparda? I won't spoil anything but I've hard this idea of how Sparda was born.

Or does it matter as long as I remain faithful to the source material of DMC?

And no, I'm not focusing on the reboot. That alone is not to my liking.
One more thing: can there be werewolves and vampires and other supernatural creatures in the DMC fan spinoff? Or should I focus on just demons and angels?

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Im cool with you expanding past demons into werewolves/vampires etc.

Creating a predecessor to Sparda is trickier. Do you mean giving him parents or a mentor?
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be loyal to what matters
Giving Sparda parents. I already envisioned him having a mother who's also a fighter like him. The father part, um....Mundus?
Its interesting but I'll judge it when i read it.

Im not sure i want Mundus to be his actual father. It makes the universe feel small.
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