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DMC 5 storyline

Discussion in 'DmC: Devil May Cry' started by Awesome, Aug 12, 2010.

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    Anyway, if i was story writer it would go little something like this. " discs 20 missions each.

    1st. Nero is to weak to face something, he needs Dante's help.
    But as he tries to subtly call him out with activating his sword, Lucia jumps out (credit to Paradox). Some ****ty dialog happens where she explains to Nero that Dante is screwed in demon world. Nero goes to "save" Dante (how unpredictable!). After ****load of missions and explanation of Nero's past trough random stuff. Dante is back and he kicks ass out of the evil demon, which is nothing compared to the bigger threat from the demon world. Oh yeah, i forgot the part where Nero screws up everything with opening gate to the demon world without a possibility to close it.

    2nd. Now they have to go back to demon world, no old places though. Combined missions follow with some boring things revealed about random character. They split, Dante goes on, Nero goes back, protects humans and ****. Dante gets new weapons, Nero doesn't. Both face bosses (intruders to human world and ones that protect badass demon). Trish and Lady arrive, Nero can go back to help Dante now. Dante and Nero together try kill the ultimate badass boss (prequeled with more awesome and hard bosses). But they fail and they only succed slowing him down.
    They quickly retreat to human world. Long cutscene follows where they decide to strip dante of powers and sacrifece his and lady's blood. Because lady is blood related to the priestess that Sparda sacrificed and her blood was the only one which could withstand a seal for some random reason at the time, and now. Nero's job is to delay return of the evil badass demon, he acomplihes task but at cost of yamato (just for fun). He gets out before gate is closed.

    Dante is worshipped just like sparda was in Fortuna and Nero is new Dante.

    DMC 6 would be based on badass demon breaking the seal somehow, which gives Dante's powers back and so on...
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