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DMC 4/SE Active Mods Shortcuts:

Dark Prince

The Alpha & The Omega
Here another post by me to guide people through DMC 4 Mod submission so enjoy:


The Infernal Works Team:

The Official Un-official Debug Mode Patch
DMC4SE mod: DMC1 Dante colors for Nero
DMC4SE mod - Vergil Effects Recolor
DMC4SE mod: Trish effects recolor
DMC4SE mod: BBBloody!!!
Judgement Cut new and improved.
DMC4SE mod - Trish with bangs
DMC4 mod - Alastor
DMC4SE mod - Vergil Azure Dragon
DMC4SE mod - DmC Dante
DMC4SE mod - DmC Vergil
DMC4SE mod - Nelo Angelo
DMC4SE mod - DMC1 Dante
DMC4SE Mod- Coatless Vergil
DMC4SE mod - DMC3 Dante
DMC4SE mod - Agni & Rudra
DMC4SE mod - DMC2 Dante
DMC4SE mod - Vergil Alucard
DMC4 SE : Corrupted Nero Mod
DMC4 SE : Ichigo Bankai Mod
DMC4 SE : Warped Mod (Preview)
DMC3 Vergil (Nero) Trailer
DMC4 SE : EOG Coatless Nero Mod
DMC4 SE : FMA Greed Mod
Devil May Cry 4 SE : Perfect Devil Trigger Mod
Devil May Cry 4 SE : MGR Raiden
DMC4 SE : Blue DMC1 Vante
Devil May Cry 4 SE : NeroMancer Mod
DMC2 Dante Mod (Updated)
Black & White Nero Mod Showcase
Devil May Cry 4 SE : Hollow Dante
Devil May Cry 4 SE : Alucard (LOS2) Mod
Devil May Cry 4 SE : Coatless DMC1 Dante Mod
Devil May Cry 4 SE : Red Rose Dante
Devil May Cry 4 SE : Frostmourne
Devil May Cry 4 SE : DMC Warped - Sparda
Devil May Cry 4 SE : Perfect DT Vergil (Fixed Normals)
DMC1 Dante skin mod
Devil May Cry 4 SE : DmC Dante Mod w/ Cutscenes
Devil May Cry 4 SE : Raiden Mod
DMC4SE mod - DMC5 Nero (WIP)
DMC4SE: DMC5 Nero Mod W.I.P (Vainiuss1)
DMC4SE : DMC1 Dante w/ Alastor
Devil May Cry 4 SE : DMC3 Vergil
DMC4SE mod - Use Dante as Vante

-I put all Infernal Works Modders under one category and they are in one forum, soon they move to the new forum and the old links will be not working so these mods will be reuploaded by Infernal Warks forum staffs in their free time.


The Perfect Devil Trigger


Devil May Cry 2 Dante [Nero Mod]
Malleus & Malum

-‌Infernal Warks Team:

A "glorious" outfit for Trish by yamato99

@little devil is trish

Devil May Cry 4 SE Yamato for Nero

-Other mods:

Devil May Cry 4 SE : Devil Wings
Legendary Dark Knight Must Die

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