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DmC: 10 Year Anniversary [DmC Combo MAD Spam Megathread]

V's patron

be loyal to what matters
It's been ten years !!!!

Where did the time go????

Happy anniversary DmC.

Shame it didn't take off. In hindsight it would've been better as a followup to DMC3 than it's own thing. DMC4, the anime and the reboot would've been better off as a "Year one/two/three" trilogy of stories. Staying with DMC3 Dante a bit longer would've worked better for me as they don't seem to know what to do with Dante post DMC1. 5 got the closest to me but it's a little late.

Doing an origin story is a way to figure that. I wished they balanced it more with Dante's Tony Redgrave era.

Ironically Dante being split into human and demon selves like Vergil was in 5 would've been ideal. Tgs 10's version reminds me of V and could've worked the same way.

that trailer still holds up.

4 and Reboot have similar problems but Reboot is better. Ironically both games struggle with 3's shadow.

Here's hoping the upcoming animated series incorporates aspects of the reboot in its take and NT can do a spiritual successor down the road.
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