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Dm4 dante over Dmc5 dante


The devil in the dark
Going back watching the cutscenes I prefer the mystique and how in control dante is in 4. I imagine that's how most his missions around that time were. I've seen this prevailing concensus that Dantes supposed to be a loser in anything that's not devil hunting and I mean yeah I get it. But 4 feels like such a natural evolution from 3 that yeah, this guy would just be on top of it with all the experience he has at this point. But 5 seems to portray him almost like he was pretty much WAITING for an escape route. Maybe with Nero he's become irrelevant since he only in one spot while Nero travels? Idk. From 4 to 5 he seems to gotten MUCH more destitute and no one even acknowledges it. Like Man's toilet hadn't even been flushed wtf. In 4 he seemed like yeah he wasn't the most put together he was certain doing well for himself. How'd Trish, Lady. Or Morrison ever let him get so bad? Man went from wearing custom fits to a hennly n jeans. It's like they TRIED to make him look like he had nothing to live for to make the ending go over smoother. It's not inconsistent with his character but it does give a bit of whiplash. He's doing what he's always done so why only now is he so bad? Has Nero really taken that much of his business and he's just to nice to say anything?
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