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Did sparda teach Dante and Vergil?


The devil in the dark
Post based on video
Just considering the level of consistency between the two in their technique when welding similar weapons albeit with slight variations has me thinking sparda must've given them SOME basic Sword training before he disappeared. Especially considering that we don't know If he died before or after Dante and Vergil were born or of he directly gifted them their swords. Point being is it's unlikely they have such similar styles while wielding blades like Yamato or rebellion without thinking they've had the same teacher to build the basis before goin on to expand on it to more suit their individual fighting style


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I think that might have been part of their demonic heritage.
That they can instantly wield a weapon they never came across or never even knew existed the second they get their hands on it.

Dante gets hold of Nevan and he immediately knew about its scythe form or how he can immediately utilize all three elements of King Cerberus.
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