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Devil May Cry Fan Comic: Review Request.


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(Giving this a re-post to see if I can get more eyes on it.)

So I'm trying as hard as I can to make it as a writer, and I have a special interest in penning comics and video games. I'm trying to prove to myself I've got what it takes to go paid pro eventually and would love some feedback on this DMC comic I wrote.

A while ago I got an idea for a Devil May Cry themed comic while playing Marvel Vs Capcom; what if Dante and Deadpool opened a bar where superheroes can drink in costume together? This short comic deals with the duo's first customer and hilarity ensues. I worked my two favourite DMC characters into the script and may have shipped them but I think they work as a couple if you look past the fact Nevan is dead; she's always seemed like Dante's kinda dame.

Click Here To Read The Comic!
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