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Devil May Cry 6 - first draft


Let's rock, baby!
Dec 8, 2007
Trying to work out a Devil May Cry 6 story, taking place after DMC5 with Nero taking up Dante's duties as mankind's new protector, while the brothers reunited seal themselves in the Demon World.

After the Qliphoth incident, Nero takes up the mantle as humanity's protector from demons. However, with the existence of demons, corporations & military begin to rise - whether to control demonic power or eradicate the demon scourge from the planet. That includes dealing with a new hunter who harbors a grudge towards Nero & the mystery of Nero's mother.

Meanwhile in the Demon World, Dante & Vergil rekindle their brotherhood and seek out to rid themselves of their mother's murderer - Mundus, who is in a weakened state after being sealed away again.

But awaiting the Spardas, as there tells a prophecy of an evil with a "Numbered Mark of the Beast", who'll conquer all of mankind and unleash hell once again.

Human World
  • Nero: The grandson of Sparda, son of Vergil & nephew of Dante has become mankind's new protector. After regaining his lost arm, due to the embrace of his demonic heritage, he uses his new Devil Bringer along with the new Devil Breakers to protect & defend all he loves and cares about.
  • Nico Goldstein: Nero's partner-in-crime & gunsmith after her grandmother Nell Goldstein. She upgrades the Devil Breaker for Nero to use with his new arm.
  • Kyrie: Nero's beloved, who's not only a singer (formerly a songstress for the Order) but runs an orphanage. She takes up a gun similar to the Blue Rose made by Nico to defend herself & the kids from threats.
  • Trish: Once a servant of Mundus, cloned from Nero's grandmother Eva, now fights alongside Dante & Nero against any demonic threat. With the Sparda sword no longer in her arsenal, she takes up Alastor.
  • Lady: A walking arsenal of a demon huntress & Dante's friend. Both her and Nero share one common thing: history with their fathers. Now Lady takes up a Kalina Ann III designed by Nico with demonic features.
  • "Nero's Rival": A devil hunter who hunts demons out of blood & prejudice. He even holds a grudge towards Nero, when it turns out he used to be with the Order of the Sword's Holy Knights when Credo was still alive. He had infatuated feelings for Kyrie before Nero showed up.
Demon World
  • Vergil: Nero's father who held an ambitious desire for power after the tragic death of his mother. After being separated & reunited his human & demon halves, and trying to settle his scores with Dante, the brothers leave for the Demon World to end their nightmare with Mundus.
  • Dante: The legendary Devil Hunter & Nero's uncle who passed his duty as mankind's defender. He and Vergil reconciled all these years and seek out Mundus to end their pain & move on.
Help me come up with new characters who'll make this game shine!
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