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devil may cry 5 was too easy


the enemies did not do enough damage and the boss fights were not at all challenging. This made the combat easy and boring. Harder gameplay with tougher, smarter enemies would have made the combat more engaging and interesting.


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Compared to what?

I'll admit that DMC5 is a bit easy in normal mode, but "too easy" is stretching it. I was not a fan of V's gameplay, which made the game a bit of a breeze. That. I'll agree with. But, the rest of the game...? C'mon, you can't beat Level 15-ish without taking a hit. I mean, after Level 15, **** gets nuts. I had a hard time getting through that fire Cerbrebus without upgrading at least one move, upping devil trigger or upping the health bar. After that, it got harder and harder until final battle. Try another mode like Dante Must Die or something.
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