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Devil May Cry 2 Plot


TimeLord Detective
I hadn't intended to create one for this game as most of us don't like it or just think that anyway its plot isn't one of its strong themes, but as requested by Nsis I promised that I would make it, so here we go. As usual, I ask that you watch for spoilers.

Devil May Cry 2

In a time long since past, in an age of darkness, when the Earth was overrun with demons, and humans were powerless under their rule, humanity's hope lived in a demon named Sparda. With a spirit unlike any other and wielding the sword that bore his own name, Sparda eradicated the demons. And now, the legend of Sparda, has been inherited by his son. The demon slayer, Dante.


The game begins in a museum. It looks like it's full of ancient relics and stuff, and even though it seems to be pretty late in the night, an unknown woman can be seen inside. The woman shows interest for a particular item in there when suddenly she attacked by winged devils. She skillfully defeats them using her twin short swords and her throwing daggers when more appear. This time Dante appears and defeats them for her. The item that the woman was after falls on Dante's legs, it's a coin. Dante throws the coin to the woman while asking her if she's the one who called him there. The woman throws a dagger in a map, probably indicating that their next meeting should be in the place in the map, while leaving. She also calls him Son of Sparda indicating that she WAS the one who called him.

After that both them, Dante and the girl (Lucia) appear in the place on the map (Dumary Island). Lucia is already at the final destination of this place, a church while Dante is a bit behind. So he defeated some annoying pests, before also going to the church.
Before they met there, Lucia was on a little mission. She obtained the ability to fly, and had to defeat a huge boss guy named Tartarussian. Basically it's human shaped boss with 2 heads and chained spiked balls for hands. After defeating him, Lucia obtained a mystical dagger named Arcana Spada, a relic that was once used to seal a great demon. After Dante & Lucia finally meet again in the church.


A huge explosion destroys the entire building before they had a chance to exchange greetings. Dante saved Lucia from it and after that he quietly observed as Lucia started shouting a name, "Matier". Shortly after, an old woman appears out of a hole, the was probably under the destroyed church. Matier (the old woman) is revealed to be Lucia's mother and the original person who called Dante here. Matier explains that long ago, she fought alongside Sparda against the demons, but now she is need of Dante's services. Dante flips a coin to decide whether he'll help her or not, and the 1st option is decided. Matier is pleased and promises to tell Dante a story about Sparda is he'll succeed in aiding her and her daughter. Matier explains the situation. Apparently, Arius, a president of a huge company, decided to use the "Arcana" some mysterious, devil-related artifacts, to open the gate to the demon world and receive the power of Argosax. A devil that was once emperor of the demon world. Lucia & Matier gather the Arcana to stop him, and now they hired Dante to help them as well.


After Dante leaves, Matier tells Lucia that now that they obtained the Spada, along with the coin in the 1st cut-scene and Matier's "Bastone Arcana" they only need one to complete their collection. Matier hints that its in some kind of ruin and Lucia goes to find it.
After that Dante follows a path which leads in a harbor (taking the ability to fly as well in the meantime).
Both of them are now in the town. While Lucia handles the small fry, Dante fights off against Oranguerra, a giant monkey-lion like boss. (NOTE: They are not working together, it's just that their corresponding missions are showing them in the same places at least in this point. Also in their discs, both of them fight some of the bosses but in this I'm trying to make it sound more logical as a plot).
Dante beat Oranguerra easily and obtained the key to move forward. Meanwhile Lucia is in the harbor that Dante was supposed to be and fights another boss, Jokatgulm (in his disc Dante also fights it), a snake-like female with many tentacles.
When she beats it, a path on the left opens and she goes through it.
In Dante's case (Dante probably came after Lucia since the stuff in the right that he took, are there when she enters this place) he goes right and finds a shotgun and a motorcycle. He uses the motorcycle's speed skillfully to jump a broken bridge and move forward. (Why didn't he fly?).


After that he arrives in the city. (I referred to town before because he was in an old place. Now he's in a technologically advanced place). Twin white wolves attack him and he beats them easily. But just before their death, they are summoned in a huge building, and we see a menacing unknown fellow there.
Without the time to rest, shortly afterwards Dante is attacked by infested tanks and infested choppers. He runs throughout the whole city to get rid of them and he finally does so. And after that part, comes the most popular scene in the entire game. A huge building grows a head and hands and attacks Dante. Nefasturris, one of the hugest fellows in the entire Devil May Cry universe. Even after Dante kicked his ***, his head, Nefascapitis, comes off and fights Dante too, until his death.


When Nefascapitis died, a chopper ( a normal one) flies over Dante, heading to a corporation. In another part of the city, in the place where Dante defeated the infested tanks, Lucia observes the chopper as well and rashes after it. Dante follows it quite lazily.
As it is logical Lucia enters the company before Dante does and meets with the chopper. A man dressed in white comes from it, Arius. When he sees Lucia he explains that she is his creation. (With proof). Lucia is shocked to hear that she isn't even human, and that Matier lied to her about being her mother while Arius reveals that with the Arcana and the power of Argosax, everything that belonged to the demons in the ancient days, will revert in its true role, even she, his creation, and then teleports her in another dimension where she fights a winged beast and its kids. After the fight she hurries to the ruins, to get the final Arcana and prevent Arius from taking it. But while walking she thinks of all this truth she came to learn and appears quite disturbed.


Dante, arrives at where Lucia disappeared just before Arius left. Arius sees him, but instead of fighting he summons another monster for Dante to fight and escapes with the chopper. Dante defeats the monster and escapes the company as well, since apparently some destruction thingie was triggered and the company blew itself. After that Dante took his motorcycle and went to the same ruins as Lucia did.
While Dante enters the ruins, Lucia explores them, being in their underwater part. In there she fend off the only underwater boss of the game easily. (Something that looked like a crocodile). In Dante's case, he meets with the owner of the twin white wolves, Bolverk. A skeleton-demon that apparently fought against Sparda in the past.
Lucia is about to leave the ruins while a monster which looks almost identical to her first boss appears. Lucia defeats it (but does not kill it) and a place with the final Arcana (a cup) appears. Then Dante appears before her. Lucia tells him that he needs to give the Arcana to Matier while she does some business of hers and leaves. Then the boss she defeated awakens and Dante kills it once and for all. After that he escapes the ruins and gives the Arcana to Matier. Matier reveals that Lucia went to face off Arius by herself. She gives Dante all the Arcana and asks him to go save her. Dante flips his favorite coin to decide, and finally he goes to save Lucia.


Allow me to doublepost since I exceeded the 10000-words limit in one post.


TimeLord Detective
And here's the rest of it.


Lucia dresses up as one of Arius henchmen who look like her and enters his office. Arius immediately relizes it's his failed creation (Chi, as he named her) and they fight. He easily defeats her and imprisons her, since she will become reason for Dante to come there with the Arcana. Dante DOES appear and hands him the Arcana, saying that they are not interesting for him. He fights Arius and even though he clearly surpsses him, Arius plays dirty by trying to hit Lucia instead. While Dante protects Lucia, Arius has generated a massive amount of demonic energy that forces Dante to retreat in order to save Lucia. After that they both decide to try and re-enter the building before the ritual that opens the gate is complete. Dante leaves to find a new entrance to the building while Lucia makes up with Matier and their bond as mother and daughter even though they are not related by blood, deepens.
Just before Dante is about to open the entrance, he is forced to fight an enemy of the old. And he finds Phandom, from the original Devil May Cry. He defeats him easily and enters Arius' building. Inside the building, Bolverk shows up again, along with his wolves. But this time Dante finally kills him once and for all. (At this point both Dante and Lucia fight another boss in another dimension, the Trismagia. Though I don't see what this one has to do with the plot, it appeared to know both Dante & Lucia so maybe Arius put it there to prevent them from completing his ritual). Meanwhile the ritual is apparently complete and Arius receives new powers. Lucia notices that the whole building is trembling. Just when everything looked fine, Arius realizes that his Arcana coin is actually the coin Dante had, and then Dante appears and takes it back, while still having the original Arcana Medaglia coin. They fight, and Dante wins.


After the battle, Dante meets Lucia and she asks him to kill her to eliminate the possible thread of her attacking the humans. Dante refuses, and then the gate to the demon world opens even though the ritual was incomplete. Dante goes to it without a second thought. Lucia tries to stop him, announcing "Don't you want to hear the story about Sparda from Matier?" but Dante cooly replies "I know. He did the same thing". Then hangs her his coin and leaves. After his leave, Lucia is forced to battle an Arius who received the power of Argosax. But beats him, and then goes to wait Dante with Matier. Then they realize that the coin only had "heads" so, his attitude "I'm only helping you because the coin said so" was a lie. Then Lucia goes to wait for him in his shop.
Dante, is in hell. In there he is forced to fight a huge monster, Argosax which is a fusion of almost every boss in the game, even after he beats it, another monster appears from his core. The Despair Embodied. Dante defeats it as well and then runs with his motorcycle (don't ask me how he got it there) through hell.
After the credits we see Lucia waiting for him in his shop when she hears a motorcycle and the game ends. I hope u liked it. Don't blame me for the not-so-interesting plot^^

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V's patron

be loyal to what matters
Would you say that the main problem with DMC2's plot was that it was too vague and you didnt know what happened between 1 and 2 so Dante's shift was considered jarring.


TimeLord Detective
I've heard that its production started while DMC1 was doing its finishing touches, therefore the team that created it didn't know how to portray Dante or the DMC world in general. It either shows how eager to gain money they were (Capcom I mean) or it's a pretty good excuse.

It makes sense (kinda) but..yeah.
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