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Devil may cry 1 enemy and boss guide


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As the title suggests this will be a guide for taking down enemies and bosses

Everyone is free to contribute what works for them

And different tips for different difficulty modes will be added

Anyway to start


These guys are super easy to kill , they are more aggressive on Dante must die however and do way higher damage to you

Their main attacks are melee based but they also throw blades at you

Stinger, high time or the shotgun knock them to the ground or up in the air rather easy

While in the air they are helpless, you can juggle them with a ground high time and your guns to stun loop them

Stinger into million stabs can pin in place a small group of them

Alastor's vortex is effective for large groups too as is air raid

Kick 13 by ifrit can hit 2 to 3 of them too if they are in close proximity to each other
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They like to lunge at you with their sharp claws, plus they can burrow undergound and burst out from underneath you, launching you into the air with an uppercut move. From long range, they can squeeze blood into their claws and fire it in the form of projectiles towards you.

A group of Blades can be rather tough to deal with, thanks to both their armour and their agility. Their armour can be shattered with physical blows, but it takes a while. Their lunges can be an absolute pain in the hole, particularly when the camera angles are bad and they come lunging at you from offscreen.

You can melee Blades with either your sword or Ifrit, but it's very difficult to do without getting hit at some point. The easy and safer way to take down a group of Blades is to use grenade rolling , shotgun from a distance and/or Vortex Lvl 2.

A harder but more fun and satisfying, method of dispatching Blades is to exploit their critical hit point , their back. To do that you must make the Blade land on its belly and then land a downward slash or flame kick on its back before it can recover

if loads more blood than usual spurts out and the Blade takes forever to die, then you have landed a critical hit. You can use any gun to set the Blade up for a critical hit, but the shotgun is the best for doing so. With the shotgun equipped, shoot the Blade at point blank range to stun it, then quickly get behind it to shoot it in the back before it recovers it will go rolling through the air and land down on its belly. Quickly jump forwards and do a downward slash to finish it off, you don't need to be in dt mode. You can also use Ifrit's flamekick.
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Sin scissors

The cackling boatches of DMC lol

They have mostly melee attacks and an equivalent to vortex

You can take them out multiple ways

Jumping and shotgun blasting them kills them in a few hits

Stunning them with the shotgun and landing a critical hit on their mask kills them instantly

Air raid with alastor can take them out rather quick too

As can kick 13 with ifrit at close range by guard breaking them and then using the shotgun on them while stunned

You can also shotgun hike them , which is canceling air hike and shotgun blasts together in quick succession
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They are basically flying bugs who like to spit out maggots, The blue ones weak as hell, but the green ones are a bit stronger.

They are easily wrecked by attacks such like Air Raid or DTed shotgun shots or ebony and ivory

The maggots can cause chip damage, so watch out for those

These guys go down really easy on all modes
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Sin scythe

Anyway, they are almost stupidly easy to kill with shotgun shots or Air Raid or helm breaker from above their heads

Having said that though, they can still cause problems in areas where there is little room for maneouvre

Interestingly enough, you can get a critical hit against Sin Scythes in exactly the same spot as you can with the Sin Scissors.


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Kyklops have some of the same attacks as Phantom, and they also possess the same weak spots as him

namely, their faces and their rear ends. They have considerably less health than Phantom, though

The most effective method for new players is to use air raid, but before commencing air Raid, you should wall jump or Air Hike to lift yourself above the rocks which are spewed at you. Once a Kyklop is defeated, your gauge will be refilled, so evade the second Kyklop until you get the refill.

Other attacks you can use are Air Hike slashes on the Kyklop's rear end, Stingers on its face ,but again mid the rocks

Also Infernoes are good , and grenade gun spam while rolling. The camera can't always keep up with the Kyklops, making fighting two of them from the ground rather annoying so keep on the move constantly

They go down fairly fast though


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Sargasso's come in two versions

the small plain white skulls and the bigger patterned skulls, the only difference between the two is that the big skulls have more health.

As for attacks, there are only two which are a bite at close range and ice breath. The icy breath has a long reach but is narrow in width, so move to the side with a dodge to evade it.

Small and big Sargasso's can be dispatched in one of several ways

a single shotgun shot, a Stinger followed by a shotgun blast or a helm breaker from above with a follow up attack

The same can be done to the larger ones but it takes more attacks

Air raid will take them all down very quickly too


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They come in two forms: human or bat. The human form is the same size as Dante and can mimic some of his moves, such as the 4-Hit combo, High Time, roll, uncharged Magma Drive, and uncharged punch. It can also run up to Dante and do a high kick. From long range, it can fire a white laser which strafes horizontally across the room if it hits any Plasmas in its way, it will hurt them , you can actually get them to destroy each other

Fortunately for you, the laser is easy to evade by jumping over it as it passes. A human Plasma will occasionally bend over to plant its right fist on the ground and send out crackles of electricity at short range

And, finally, upon receiving a blow, the human Plasma can produce copies of itself.

The bat Plasma only has two attacks and charges them both up the same way when the charging up has finished, the bat will send out either a curved blade or a white laser , both attacks can be evaded with a roll or a jump to the side.

Plasmas change freely between human and bat form. You can trigger the change into their bat form by getting up somewhere high, if u try unning away from them, be prepared for the human Plasmas to give chase

It's a bit harder to trigger the change of the bat Plasmas into their human form, but they will do it eventually. You will never get more than three Plasmas at any one time.

Plasmas are weak to Ifrit. A single Inferno will lay waste to a group of Plasmas so try to get them bunched together first of all and be careful not to land right next to a human Plasma, as it can do a swipe even in the middle of an attack animation

An uncharged Meteor 2 shot will kill a human or bat Plasma instantly. In human form, Kick13 Lvl 2 is the most powerful attack a few of them will finish a human Plasma off.


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Death scissors

The Death Scissors, fight u quite similar to their female counterparts They also like to trap you in a cage for the fight, the do lunge and corkscrew attacks and try to use portals aswell

You'll want to defeat the Death Scissors as fast as possible, as its huge scissors are a pain to avoid in such a confined space

Thank god the Death Scissors don't have a high defense lol

three DT'ed Air Hiked, enemy hiked or wall hiked slashes on its head with alastor will kill it. It will, parry your blows though, especially wall-hiked ones. To lower the chance of it parrying you, try to Air Hike up as it lunges forwards and hit it before it can recover. In both the Mission 4 and 6 encounters, you can get in a slash at the beginning of battle but in Mission 4 the Death Scissors has a pre emptive strike immediately after the brief unskippable cutscene is over, which you must jump away from first.

After landing the first slash, try to follow up with a second slash if you can, but it won't always be possible to do it before the Death Scissors enters its invulnerabilty phase its skull turns pink/reddish and it rises up out of sight. Don't waste your time trying to attack it during this stage, as you can't do damage to it , you should get in a taunt for DT bars instead

Shortly after the Death Scissors has disappeared , it will begin a corkscrew dive attack. This attack is actually rather easy to deal with. Hold R1/RT to target on default or whatever your lock on button is, so that you know which direction the Death Scissors is coming from, and listen a whooshing sound

when you hear it, do a roll to the side. Rinse and repeat two more times. The Death Scissors will begin to do a fourth dive, but it never actually finishes it and you can't get hurt by it on the ground. It takes a little while for the Death Scissors to recover, so feel free to taunt for DT in the meantime. As soon as its skull has turned white, start attacking it. When both horns have broken off, it's near death. You should try and defeat the Death Scissors before it can begin a second corkscrew dive move

If you don't have Air Hike, then enemy hiking off it's head will do
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They move slowly most of the time, but can do a lightning fast lunge if you within its range, at close range you should also watch out for their Ice Inferno, it's telegraphed so watch out for

if the Frost does a leap upwards, arms held out horizontally, jump away to evade the blast of the ice that will follow. The ice lasts long enough that you can also Air Hike straight up, firing the shotgun or at the peak of your jump , by the time you land, the ice will have disappeared

If you Air Hike up early enough, you can blast the Frost out of the sky with the shotgun before the Icy Inferno can be done

At close range, the Frosts will only do their claw swipes or Icy Infernoes, but at mid or longer range, they gain other attacks. At mid range, they like to fire small projectiles from their claws, it is telegraphed though, they'll cross their arms, then fling them out, sending out waves of projectiles

The distinctive sound of the projectiles makes them quite simple to evade

just jump to the side when you hear them being fired , jump twice if you are away at long range, they will channel a shockwave of ice which travels underground. This homes in on your position, but it can be evaded by jumping away at the very last moment

wall jump, if you are next to a wall. And, finally, Frosts have the ability to teleport. They can only teleport in a straight line, so see which way they are facing

A good Ifrit combo to use against a solo Frost is the Inferno AutoCombo. If you successfully DT cancel the Auto Combo you will recover most of your devil gauge. A good non DT combo to use is repeated Kick 13's, keep taunting to build up Dt bars and they drop fast

With alastor you could air raid , vortex or do the cancel combo for the sword , which is 2 strikes and then rotate the analogue to cancel the third strike , and restart the 4 hit combo animation

Or do the 4 hit combo onto a million stabs , a high time and a helm breaker

Always keep the camera on both frosts , as they usually come in pairs


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Okay so if you don't make em mad by shooting at them, and instead stay still, they will stay calm and they circle around you

sometimes they will get close to you, only to jump back. Just a quick tip to know

Anyway here is a brief list of their attacks

At close range, they will morph into a huge glove and either try to bite or grab you and smash you several times on the ground. Jump or roll to evade it

They can also melt into the ground and send several spikes up out of the ground, one after the other. To evade, just keep running or jumping away

At mid to long range, they will send out a long horizontal spike ,so just jump away to evade it

At mid to long range, they will leap up into the air and shapeshift into a giant sickle. They will then come rigjt at you with , jump or roll to the side to evade, but not too early.

Whenever the Shadow melts into the ground and becomes a "puddle be careful as it will either stay put and send out the vertical spikes or it will travel towards you and then rise up from the ground to try and grab you.

The Shadow is invincible in puddle form, so don't waste any time shooting at it or tryin to attack it

To expose the core, go nuts with your guns, evading the Shadow's frequent attacks as you do so. With Ebony and ivory make sure you DT to expose the core faster.

With the shotgun, use shotgun twitching to fire more shots.

Once enough shots hit, the core will be exposed. Once it is, you can use Alastor or Ifrit to melee it. For Alastor, there is nothing which works better than Stinger , it takes about two DTed Stingers to turn a Shadow core red.

For Ifrit a DTed Auto Combo or a few non DTed Kick-13s work great. The Shadow isn't defenseless while its core is out by the way, a black spike will come up with each hit. As long as you use attacks which propel you forwards then the black spikes won't hit you

Once the Shadow core has been turned red, you can run away to safety - or stay to do a taunt, there will be time for one or two

Move a couple of steps forwards or roll to the side first to throw off the defensive spikes, then do a double taunt

And then air raid the core to finish it off


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Nobodies come in two forms which are small and large. The small nobodies make themselves large by putting on a mask. To make a large nobody small, shatter its mask

Stingers and kick13's work, but take a long time, you can also try air Raiding a large nobody to turn it small but Inferno wrecks nobodies of any size

Meleeing large nobodies is insanely annoying due to their stupidly, unpredictable jump kick, which is hard to evade. They like to grab you with their arm which grows out of their back too, and smack you around

They also put eyeballs on the ground, which roll around to get closer to you and explode upon impact , you can make them pop from a distance with gunfire or with a partially charged roundtrip

The small nobodies have considerably fewer attacks than the large nobodies ,all they can basically do is a swipe if you get too close to them. They move around in a jerky way, and can be difficult to hit with a kick13 or a magma drive

use a high time instead, which rarely misses. The high time won't launch them, but it will prop them up on their hind legs , you can stand in front of the propped up nobody and sword cancel it until it dies


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These guys can be super annoying.
They share some moves with the marionettes, a swipe at close range, a long range spinning attack, and a silent scream to paralyze you with invisible strings

It can also leap onto your back to peck away at you with its beak.

It has other attacks, the projectile attack is where the fetish throws both of its shurikens at you like a yoyo you have to evade the shurikens not only as they travel forwards towards you, but also as they travel backwards to the it

The flamethrower like attack it does is telegraphed, the fetish bends over backwards, then lunges forwards to send out a long fire attack , evade with a roll or jump to the side, rather than a jump backwards

Fetishes are harder to combo than marionettes due to their parry , if you combo one from the front, sooner or later it will raise its shurikens to block you and counterattack with its flame breath

just roll to the side if the fetish blocks , they can't block you from behind, feel free to launch it with a high time or magma drive, then get behind it, and begin comboing away with alastor or ifrit


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Phantom boss

This guy is real easy to drop if you know his weak spots which I will give you , but first his attacks

He attacks with his claws and his tail , he does a jump attack and tries to land on you , he also sends fire pillars up from the ground at you and finally he shoots fireballs

His armour is impenetrable everywhere except the base of his tail while on his back , and his head when he isn't blocking it

Air raid works great against him but it runs out quickly, so make sure you taunt to build up Dt runes

Jumping on his back and dt helm breaking the base of his tail does huge damage , his critical hit point is back here too

Make sure to avoid his fireballs and other attacks by evading , don't lock on as u may get caught by an attack this way

If you are on a second playthrough then kick13 with ifrit on his head or the dive kick on his tail while on Dt also do large damage

Wear him down with Dt attacks and air raid and he will go down rather fast


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Nelo Angelo 1st fight

This guy can be a pain to new players so let's break him down

He has a few attacks but you can avoid them. He has a basic Slash/Slash Double Slash combo, similar to your Dante's, just run from or jump over this one, as even dodging all four slashes at close range can be really tough. He has a stinger like move, which he usually teleports before. He'll put his sword in a stabbing stance, then he will charge a crazy distance and skewer you

Roll out of the way, and hack away at him. He will teleport more often than not, so as to catch you off guard. Each time he teleports, be ready to dodge, as he will come out of it with an attack. He has fireballs that he takes a second to charge, and if you can hit him in that second, you'll disrupt him. If you can't then dodge it, it isn't that hard.

He also has the upper slash, then the dive slash. This will hit you even in the air, so be careful .

To kill him, you have to strike at the right times. Right after he attacks is good. When Devil Trigger is up, go all offense like you did with Phantom. Just be careful when it's not up though.Always get behind him to attack his back , as that's his weak point

Don't ever try to hit him after a teleport trust me . He is quite smug so he taunts you fairly often. Feel free to stab him in the face when he does that.

He will also prepare for some moves by holding his sword straight up. Hit him while he's doing this, and he'll reel backwards. If you can hit him again he'll be stunned and you can hack at him a bit.

Generally just hit and run, guns don't won't work very well against him and he'll just throw fireballs at you if you're at a distance

Halfway through he will teleport up to a ledge and shoot fireballs, follow him up and again jump over him and get behind him to attack

He will teleport again across the map when his health is low , just follow him and repeat the same method and he will go down
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Griffon 1st fight

This boss fights mainly from a distance, so you will have plenty of time to react and dodge his attacks

Quick tip ,
griffon's feet at any time while they are glowing red will cause damage. Avoid getting underfoot when he's on the ground.

Air Raid.
Griffon will fly overhead and drop lighting spheres down. Dodge this by running away from his shadow or getting above him.

Lighting scissor.
Griffon drops a ball that produces two lines of electricity to either side, which will then close in on Dante like a scissor. Jump to avoid it when it's on the ground, or say on the ground to avoid it when it's in the air. This attack has some measure of tracking, as it will change its angle to whatever height Dante is currently at.

Another Lightning attack
The ball will spawn up to 4 lines of electricity, all of which snap shut around Dante's location.

Sky dive.
Griffon will dive out of the air and attempt to land on Dante. Run or roll away.

Scream attack.
When on the ground, Griffon will lower its head and scream, sending a horizontal band of energy towards Dante. Jump over it. This attack is always signalled by an audio cue as well as a wall of dust that hits Dante just before the lighting band. The dust can make the lightning difficult to see.

Charge attack ,
When on the ground, Griffon will charge at Dante and attempt to peck him. Run or roll away to avoid it.

So my advice is to keep moving, staying in one place is suicide. The grenade gun is good here because of its power, but griffon is a moving target, and you will miss a lot, also the gun has a lot of recoil, which can cause you to get zapped if you shoot at the wrong time. Your next best option is ebony and ivory , but they are incredibly weak

For moments when you can get close, ifrit is great for its aerial kick attack. You can use alastor too , but it puts you close to griffon's feet, and its helmbreaker attack can't be used from as far away as Ifrit.

Throughout the fight, red floating energy platforms will appear for you to jump on to get some height. They will disintegrate if griffon or one of his attacks hits them.

They're not necessary to use if you have air hike, all of griffon's lightning attacks can still track and hit you when you're on them, they do give you some more mobility. Jumping on them can bring you above Griffon so you can use an aerial kick from Ifrit without worrying about his feet, or use air raid or vortex on him

Aim for the gaping hole in his chest whenever possible, as a shot or melee attack there inflicts more damage. This weak spot is most exposed when he is in the air. If you can time your shots right, release a grenade round right as he rears back to spit out a lightning ball. Being on top of a floating platform will give you the best angle for this, he will then drop like it's hot


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Phantom optional hallway fight

He chases you down the corridor in the castle firing fireballs at you ,

The fastest method to takin him down here is air raid and the shotgun to his face , keep jumping to avoid his attacks

His other fights can be beaten with the exact same tactics as the first fight

Each boss has 3 fights , phantom can be beaten by the same tactics in them all except the corridor one


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What Dante can do in this fight

Shoot , doesn't need explaining

Vortex - Similar to alastor's vortex. Press the attack button to make dante spin; tap it to make him spin once, hold it down to make him spin up to 4 times. Dante is invulnerable during vortexing, but the downside is that he has a recovery time in between vortexes - he cannot keep continuously spinning.

Speed boost - Hold down the triangle/y button to give Dante a speed boost. Note that Dante can speed up left, right, up or down, but not forwards. The speed boost is still incredibly useful, though.

DT-Dragon - Press L1/Lb to send a huge-dragon! The power of the dragon is directly related to how many DT runes you have - a 3-rune dragon will be vastly weaker than a 10-rune one. Also, it's possible to get double hits with the dragon for massive damage, but I'll describe that later.

Mundus Attacks in this first phase:

Mundus has a variety of short-range and long-range moves, which I will separate into two categories.


Fireballs - Mundus summons several waves of white-yellow fireballs to come streaking towards you from the top of the screen. Evade, by moving around in a figure-of-eight pattern in the lower half of the screen. A cheaper way through this attack is to hold down triangle/y on xbox and move in a non-stop rectangle around the edges of the screen.

Dark Grey Rocks - Mundus summons dark grey rock slabs to come hurtling towards you from the centre of the screen. As they blend in very well with the outer space background, the first one can sometimes take you by surprise - use the speed boost to escape if this happens. To evade, move in a diamond-shape pattern around the edges of the screen. You can Vortex through the rocks, and get some dt runes

Lightning Bolts - Mundus summons several waves of lightning bolts to come towards you. Finding a gap between the bolts isn't hard, but you can always Vortex or use a speed boost if you misjudge the distance.

Huge Laser Beam - Mundus moves his left arm across his face to "draw" a large white circle, with DT runes appearing one after the other. A massive white laser beam then travels from right to left, or top to bottom, across the screen. It's possible to evade the beam with a well-timed move to the sides, but I recommend Vortexing through it instead.

Propeller Blades - Mundus summons slowly rotating "propeller" blades towards you, each one consisting of two small grey spheres connected by a long straight wire. These are a pain, as they go on for a long time and can be tricky to evade - the easiest way is to use the speed boost to move around the edges of the screen.


The first three attacks can be done at long-range, too, though they are mostly done at short-range.

Pink Lasers (1) – Mundus bends his head forward and crosses his arms so that that they are covering his face. Next, he throws his hands out and lifts his head up – his hands start to glow pinkish-orange, and small, thin, scattered pink lasers are fired from both hands for about 5 seconds. To evade, keep moving in a rectangular, circular, or figure-of-eight pattern and don't double back on yourself or stop.

Pink Lasers (2) – Mundus bends his head forward, and crosses his arms so that they are covering his chest. Next, he throws his arms out and lifts his head up – but this time, his hands doesn't glow. Instead, much larger pink lasers are fired from a hidden spot somewhere behind mundus’s back for about 5 seconds. Evade them the same way as pink Lasers (1).

Circle of Grey Spheres Mundus crosses his arms, then lightly rests his right hand on his left shoulder – a second later, he throws out his right arm and summons a circle of six small grey spheres. The grey spheres fires small, thin, scattered white lasers for about 20 seconds before finally disappearing. Evade this attack the same way as you would the pink lasers.

Vortex – Mundus has a Vortex move similar to your own, but he only uses it to break away from you and fly off into outer space. When he's had enough, he floats off to the right of the screen, then floats back to the centre again – you will temporarily lose control of your character during this time. Mundus then wraps his giant wings around him and Vortexes away - he will do either one or two spins depending on how far away he is from you. You can counter mundus's vortex with a Vortex of your own - stay in the middle of the screen, then begin a vortex on mundus's 1st spin if he is close to you, or on his 2nd spin if he is further away. Don't move forwards when Vortexing, but remain on the spot.

"Stacked" attacks (Mostly Hard/DMD mode):

Mundus can "stack" his moves - that is, do almost any combination of two or even three attacks simultaneously - particularly on Hard/DMD mode. Examples of such combinations include:

- Lightning Bolts + Fireballs
- Rocks + Fireballs
- Lightning Bolts + Fireballs + Pink Lasers (1)
- Rocks + Circle of Grey Spheres + Fireballs

Some of these combinations can be evaded just by holding down Triangle/Y and moving around the edges of the screen - unfortunately, the lightning bolts ones can't be evaded in that way, which means stacked attacks involving lightning bolts can get pretty tricky. You'll just have to find a way through as best as possible, using Vortexes and speed boosts to help out where necessary - or, as a last resort, send a DT dragon: you're invulnerable for as long as the animation lasts.

You don't tend to get the stacked attacks on Normal mode, though a small number of attacks can be combined - lasers, I think, can be combined with other attacks. (Sorry, it's been a long time since I fought on normal so can't really remember


First phase of his fight:

You begin battle at the furthest point away from Mundus, so start flying down towards him (the game hardly gives you a choice in the matter anyway). Note the four dark spheres which revolve slowly around in front of Mundus , they hold his invisible defense shield in place. Mundus is invulnerable to anything except DT dragons when the defense shield is up, so try to shatter it as quickly as possible by shooting at the dark spheres , it takes about 4 shots to destroy one dark sphere.

You can shoot at Mundus while flying down towards him, but stop to evade Mundus's long range attacks whenever necessary. Once you come to a halt in front of him, then you can concentrate solely on destroying the dark spheres. Once the defense shield shatters, move non-stop in a circular, rectangular, or figure of 8 pattern (whichever suits you best) around the screen, and shoot like a maniac. I go for moving in a rectangular pattern up and down the length and breadth of Mundus's body, personally, but some people prefer to move in a figure of 8 pattern

never stop or double back on yourself when there is a laser attack in operation. The lasers track where you've just been, and if you double back on yourself, you are certain to get hit.

Only send a DT dragon when the DT gauge is full, or, as a last resort only, when Mundus is slinging a whole load of attacks at you which you don't think you can avoid.

And that's really about it - the only thing left to describe is how to get a double hit with the dragon.

Ways of getting a double hit:

1. Just before Circle of Grey Spheres - As soon as Mundus rests his right hand on his left shoulder, quickly get in front of his chest (you need to be in front of him), then DT - the ideal moment to send the dragon is when Mundus's fingers are fully stretched out on his shoulder.

2. Just before Mundus's Vortex - Send the dragon at the moment Mundus's arms are crossed at the wrists above his head or when he is moving his arms around in a circle. You should be in the centre or lower centre of the screen. After the dragon has hit, Mundus will still carry on Vortexing away - you can counter his Vortex with a Vortex of your own.

3. Laser Beam - After Mundus finishes "drawing" a large white circle, the huge laser beam will come out. From the centre or the bottom left of the screen, send the DT dragon just before the laser beam reaches you.


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I did , but the time required wouldn't make it viable for me lol , plus I'm not great with editing etc

Someone else could deffo do it if they like though
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