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Crown virus

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CORONAVIRUShello everyone I want to say that the coronavirus is dominating the entire world there are many cases of coronaviru in another country and in china city of wuhan there is where the spread began, the government and the president of the countries are doing everything possible to eliminate the coronavirus virus there is a lot of information on the internet pages and website and videos on youtube.com we do not have to allow that virus to arrive in your country in chile say the first chilean who came the first infected coronavirus la, truth add no chilean has that leaving your country is a departure and return, I am from tijuana mexico we do not have a coronavirus patient in my city tijuana mexico, but if the virus reaches tijuana mexico many people in tijuana are scared and and the hospitals in tijuana mexico are saturated and they will not catch up to attend, many people get involved, with this virus it is not good in your country in your city they live in peace they live in peace and a virus called coronavirus gets into trouble with people and it gets people's lives not we do not have to allow a virus to reach your country there is no time to lose today you have to create aa vaccine and a cure for the coronavirus take care the coronavirus destroys concert events and they cancel the coronavirus is a discriminated virus and you do not leave your house these are the symptoms.COVID-19 is characterized by mild symptoms such as runny nose, sore throat, cough, and fever. The disease can be more severe in some people and cause pneumonia or breathing difficulties.More rarely it can be fatal. Elderly people and people with other medical conditions (such as asthma, diabetes, or heart disease) may be more vulnerable and become seriously ill.The signs and symptoms can be:runny nosesore throatcoughfeverdifficulty breathing (in severe cases)How to prevent and take care of a coronavirus infection?Population plays an important role in reducing the probability of


Is not rat, is hamster
Whilst the coronavirus is real, there is no need to partner with the fear surrounding it. Vigilance, sensitivity and wisdom are vital in these uncertain times but I would urge everyone here to keep a level head and adhere to facts, not fiction.

As an online community, we are all undoubtedly going to be affected either directly or indirectly by Covid19 in our real lives - indeed some of us are already dealing with quarantine measures, low stocks in shops and reduced travel options. Some of us may even know people who have the virus. But as a community we have the choice to freak out or choose to keep in touch with one another and support each other as and when it's needed.

You're a fantastic bunch of people here and I know some genuine strong bonds and friendships have been formed over the years between you guys - let this be an opportunity to strengthen those relationships and forge new ones. Let's encourage one another, not feed the fear of the unknown or pass around fake news or conspiracy theories and the like.

I'm going to close this thread. Not because I'm crushing discussion (goodness knows we've already talked a lot about it elsewhere already!) but because the information here isn't necessarily helpful for many here.

Tl;dr - whether you believe in God or not, the Bible does have something to say that might encourage someone here: perfect love drives out all fear. So let's look out for one another and not partner with fear. Because it doesn't help - your emotions might be in turmoil but you don't have to live by them.

If anyone is especially upset by what's going on at the moment, PM me and we can chat about it.

Love you guys.
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