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Capcom resent Dante as a character?

I know this is a bit inflammatory.

But I've often felt this is the case.

Capcom or those who work on Devil May Cry resent Dante being the main character of the Devil May Cry series because he was created by Kamiya who left the company.
They don't necessarily hate him, but they want him to be a side character, or put their own spin on him because they are working on a game with strong creators vision,
but the origin of that vision isn't there anymore.

Devil May Cry 2, they changed Dantes character and added a new main character.
Devil may Cry 3, they made him younger, didn't necessarily change him much but still it's a different spin
Devil may Cry 4, they added Nero, made you earn playing as Dante and gave him a kind of more gimmicky whacky personality
Devil may Cry 5, They have more focus on a whole cast of characters
DMC, completely different Dante

In general, I've always felt and still feel the version in DMC1 is something they aren't going back to, and in fact,I think they always considered him a bit too old and less relatable to a younger audience.

He's iconic as the protagonist for the series yet very often shares prominence. We'll never have him be the sole star like Beyonetta or Ryu in Ninja gaiden or something.

It's a similiar resentment to what Kojima displays with Solid Snake. MGS1 is so iconic, and in every game since there's a spin on Solid Snake, he's old, he's pliskin etc.

In that case there's a record of the reasons why he felt done with that character, first as he was too skilled and they wante dyou to see him through others eyes in MGS2
and because of fan demand Kojima gave them old snake as a kind of commentary on fatigue with Metal Gear.

There's no evidence for there being this being the case against Dante,

Only my feelings

So of course it's true.

What do you think?

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be loyal to what matters

We talked about that topic before. I don't think it's resentment plus I don't know any of the developers personally. So I wouldn't read that much into it.

I'm a writer myself and often the creative process is messy and experimental. Often creators are more interested in charting a new path than retreading old ground.

Most of these are experiments that just didn't for some fans.

For example- I like the idea of nero but I hated the execution.

I could say they are uncertain about what to do next but I don't know if that's unique to them. There's no guarantee we would've liked Kamiya's take on DMC2.

Granted DMC2 was a rushed game cobbled together from existing projects lying around. So atleast Kamiya's take on DMC2 would be more cohesive and less bare bones.

Dante achieves his life goal in the 1st game so an new path was always necessary. It just hasn't paid off yet as 5 is the only post 1 story i liked.

One thing I noticed about Japanese storytelling is that the characters tend to run out of steam pretty fast. So swapping leads tends to be my preffered method especially with Shonen anime.

So I'm fine with a new cast for DMC6 disconnected from the Sparda family drama.

If they wanna retire Dante, 5 is the best opportunity to me.

I got in with 3 but wasn't fond of 4 and the anime. So I'm hoping the upcoming Netflix series has a more appealing take. It's from the producer of Netflix's Castlevania so I'm optimistic.

It's another reboot but I'll take it if it's good.
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One thing I noticed about Japanese storytelling is that the characters tend to run out of steam pretty fast. So swapping leads tends to be my preffered method especially with Shonen anime.
Yeah I suppose that's true, characters often tend to quickly either change a lot, or they become a kind of immortal being outside of the events of the story, like Ash Ketchum. Only in that they grow very slowly or become defined as always being this one thing. Or a character changes rapidly, like um... Shadow the hedgehog or something. Bad example, like Raiden in MGS.

Nero you could say has had some changes made to him too.

It's kind of a bit like Tekken with the Mishimas at the minute. I like 5 too though. I'd totally be up for a game set in the events between 3 and 1 though also, with young Dante.

Will probably give the show a chance.
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