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Bug or PC problem:

Dark Prince

The Alpha & The Omega
Hi, guys is a bug or a PC problem because I have good minimum requirements for every game I think:

Win: 8.1
DirectX: 11
Good enough space for every game
HDD hard for the win
8 gig ram
gtx 750 ti nvidia
resolution: 1600×900

all I have to say this PC is still good but why DMC 5.


Edit: screenshot is not mine but the same person on another site has my problem on his/her PC.

And I also keep my drivers and my PC up to date and I also have a gaming laptop with win 10.
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Dark Prince

The Alpha & The Omega
Despite such a small problem for transparent blue-ish Force Edge (don't mind the new name) I don't see this problem on Vergil when he turns into V (World of V or something like that) and his blue body remains there for healing after V and his familiars are gone he return to normal so no bug texture.
I checked his doppelganger and the doppelganger texture is also has no bug.
so in conclusion this tiny little problem does not affect gameplay and I don't mind it.
I keep playing the game but I think the new PS and Xbox version have better graphics soo...PC port might have these kinda problems.

Edit: This time I tested out the game on my war machine (call it that because after my PC my laptop is beast and it is win 10).
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Dark Prince

The Alpha & The Omega
Last update: I finally think I can confirm this for those people like me have a good system to play DMC 5 as I mentioned you don't need any super PC for DMC 5 with good and optimized PC you can still play this game by adjusting your resolution to 1280×720 (adjusting some settings in your graphic to fill 2 black space of your screen to full screen) and set the game scale to 200 and with some medium to high you have a good game to run.
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