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bring virgil to the anime ??


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this may have been done before but here goes :)

if virgil was to be introduced to the anime then how would it be done ?
posts and wishes alike welcome here ;)

if i was to bring him in id have dante go to the underworld as he finds out who killed his mother and goes on the hunt (EPIC TWIST) it was virgil. how you may ask well... when virgil was very young his devil trigger activated and sense he was so young and couldnt controol it he ended up killing his mother and he has held it back for years only for it to be brought back a while after mundu's hold on him was broken by dante in DMC... and kablamo virgils back


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i'd like it if he walked into dante's office randomly one day and crashed in DMC taking odd jobs and missions with dante :D


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Dante hears that Vergil comes to town. Dante finds Vergil at a local diner, and pretty much kick each others asses and obliverates the diner. BAM! :D


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When i first started the seires i was hoping we would get to see a glimpse of vergil or atleast an episode but we got trish and lady instead -.-

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I'd rather he wander the world like a ronin, trying to find a new path.

he is a affliated with Dante's crew but on the fringe.

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I think vergil would be better off doing his own thing rather than being an employee of DMC because i dont see Vergil staying there very long.

I think he would want to travel. That desnt mean he is against Dante or his crew but staying in one place isnt really his thing.

Its like with Nero, i dont see him leaving Fortuna to move to Dante's town because Nero is a man of the people and he would stay and fix his hometown regardless of consequences.


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Perhapes an animated series or movie focussing on Devil May Cry 3 before and after Fortuna city as a glimose of memory or something then go to the actual plot of Devil May Cry 3. That way, we see how Nero came into being and that then can be a follow on into Devil May Cry 4, focussing on Nero and what actually happened to Vergil.
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