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Bleach and/or Naruto(anime/manga)

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Does anyone here watch bleach besides genocide and me? Just wondering, lol. Also, who watches or reads Naruto?


I mostly watch Naruto. I have the up to date collection of the English manga. Once in a while I'll read the latest manga chapter in Japan.

Vergil Sparda

A son of Sparda
I watch Naruto all the time,Ive heard of bleach but ive never seen the show.

What channel does bleach come on in U.S?o_O


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GenocideHero;3703 said:
Bleach is soon to be on Adult Swim for Cartoon Network.


I dl with that site. It uses Real Player, so it's fine.

Awesome, they'd better get good voice actors though, I watched the fandub on bleachportal.net and.....

lol, Bleachportal.net is awesome, and so is bleach. Stupid bounto fillers...

I'll be sure to record the english voices with my DVR on AS soon ^.^
Thatnx for the info genocide


aka Bindshooter1
ah yeah o for got to say naruto is comming to Vinna ..... in september ..... ill bet it will be cut and censored ......... I WANT TO SEE BLOOD ...... *sob*
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