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Anyone playing DmC often? Looking for a Vergil of my own :)

Woki Bakoki

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If you're on PC like me, lets add each other on Steam and gun for high scores or something. I don't know any other DmC players and would love some friends to try and top. As well as just ramble about DmC in general with :)

For an idea of my skill level: currently playing through Hell and Hell. Once that's done I'll have all of the base game achievements. Vergil's Downfall, that one I've only beaten on Nephilim so I haven't given it much attention. Only done all SSS's on Nephilim because it's the only one with an achievement bound to it.

Just wanna compare and have a friend to play alongside. DmC is perfect for that kinda thing so anyone interested? Combo points, times, overall scores idm. My name is just "Wakko " on Steam. Hit me up, lets party! (If I'm not the only one, look for the Shadow pic).
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