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anymore devil may cry anime?

Blue Rose

The Demon Hunter
there wasnt much story they were going on anyway.hes a demon hunter for pay. c'mon! that gives him endless amounts of missions and stories he can get into. and its not hard to tie everything together if people hate random episodes that much. but all animes have random episodes, soo....:D

Mandy Chan

Dante!! Whoop Whoop!
As much as I loved the Anime I doubt they'll make more. After all It was supposed to be 12 episodes long series. but Im sure the manga will continue on though.


Well-known Member
The Manga stopped after 2 volumes because the artist quit before vol.3 could be Made and Dreamwave Productions made a comic that was to be 4-parts long but was shut down before 4 could be made. The last Comic-Related News regarding DMC I heard was Wildstorm Publishing (A Branch of DC Comics that Artist Jim Lee owns a part of.) Now owning the rights to make DMC Comics. No word on what they'll be about or if they'll focus on anything related to the games though.
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