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Alan Wake II

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Interview with Remedy's Sam Lake

The connections between Alan Wake and Control explained.
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Gasoline Tank

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I will need to bring my PS5 to my family's house. My speed at my flat for getting online with TalkTalk is just terrible. Utterly terrible.

It's only able to achieve a speed of something like 0.4 most of the time. It's never higher than 1 anyway.

Gasoline Tank

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There's not much action at first. You spend a lot of time looking for crime scene evidence to stick on the wall in Saga's office, which is basically as you know, located in her mind. But what I didn't think was fair was the first seminal boss battle. The quick one in the morgue. That was my first enemy fight (as you play this naked guy briefly at the start of the game, who is now the boss in question) and I had no time to think about what to do next. I just, I mean...

I kind of hate that in games, where they can force you into some sutuation like that. And it's like, "Oh darn. What the hell am I supposed to do?" You know? You have barely any chance to think things through.

But it is a bit boring when you get lost in the dark, especially at the flooded section in the forest by the shack.

Gasoline Tank

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If you wondered why Saga's partner in the FBI looks a lot like Max Payne, it's because he's played by the same actor. :p

Well, I haven't been back to the game since yesterday.
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