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actually liked this game


God of Hyperdeath
Supporter 2014
DMC2 was actually my very first DMC game, so it holds a lot of nostalgic value to me.

Back when I first played it, I had beaten the game completely as both Dante and Lucia.
(though I did find it quite challenging back then)
  • Cleared all difficulties.
  • Collected all weapons (fully upgraded them all as well), blue orbs/fragments (including the ones in the shop and purple orbs), etc.
  • Cleared all secret rooms.
  • Passed the last floor in the Bloody Palace. (I think I actually continued afterwards onto floor 3000 before getting bored and quitting)
  • Etc, etc, you get the point.
I really enjoyed the game when I first played it, as you can clearly see by how much time I invested in it. xD

However, playing the game as of recently has made me realize the game's flaws.
While there were pretty cool things that the game had in it, some things bother me when playing it.
I simply cannot stand that auto-target for one, and the game does feel too easy in all honesty.
I wouldn't say I hate the game or even dislike it, but playing the other games in the series has made me like DMC2 less than how I used to when I first played it.
Granted it still holds a lot of nostalgic value to me since it was the first DMC game I played, but overall I just don't like it as much as I used to.
I'd still consider it a "guilty pleasure" of mine when compared to the other DMC games, but overall I'd say that I still find it quite enjoyable to play every now and then, and that I would consider it a good game overall at the very least, just not as good as the other games in the series.

However, I really like the OST.

I agree with you on the soundtrack. The boss themes especially are great. My favorites are Cursed Giant, Uncanny Noise, Evil Tower and Ragnarok.


I also think the indevidual character battle themes were pretty cool as well. Dante, Lucia, and Trish each got two personal battle themes, a standard version and a special event version.
Trish's Battle themes are exceptionally awesome, makes me wonder why they didn't use a remix/medley of them as her theme in MvC3.

Nightmare Omni

Well-known Member
I liked Lucia and the Trish Cameo.

I liked the Idea of Larger Enviroments but not the implementation.

The Colour Pallet was too Samey.

Most of the Devils were very Generic apart from some of the Bosses but even the Bosses failed to engage vs DMC1's Bosses which had Character engendering a feeling of an Opponent whereas DMC2's Bosses mostly felt like Obstacles. They did not reel me in or Enthuse me like Phantom or Griffon.

No Devil Arms was a Big Loss which was not made up for by the Short/Medium/Long Weapons.

The Secretaries had so much potential but they were unthinking and bland.

I'd have made a set of Triplets weaker than Lucia who were Dangerous due to great Teamwork.

also a Single Secretary Stronger than Lucia who turned out to be her Twin from the Initial run. Maybe with an opposite Colour Scheme.

eg: Blue Hair, Red Eyes, Black Feathered Devil Form.

The Island was too empty. We should have seen fleeing Civillians, Soldiers dying in last stands to opponents they cannot understand or match as their own Vehicles turn on them.

Maybe have options to save people.

I don't hate the Game nowadays but I did used to.

I can appreciate the few good things now but I do know DMC2 when it came out stopped me buying DMC3 & DMC4 for a long time til someone persuaded me to try them years later.

Part of the problem was DMC1 was so good so how could a rushed sequel by a different team than the original hope to live up to that.


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i enjoyed playing dmc 2 i liked the enviroment it was fun looking around the inside world it was a cool game to me what i found ,out of place was the boss the asian bad guy maybe because after playing dmc 1 none of the bad guys looked that way i also liked that this time around the game was easier so that i could see more of the cut scenes one of my favorite part in games is the cut scenes the icing on the cake the big reward


Well-known Member
i also forgot to say that lucia was a plus i was very happy to have two players to control on two different dvd,s


Active Member
It's a good game and worth playing so yea just give it some more time and you should really start to like it.


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hey guys and the best part is that lucia has blonde hair thats the best she is almost as pretty as lady with red hair and trish with black hair :p


A powerful demon
Xen-Omni 2020
Those of you who say you liked DMC2 despite the reputation it got. You're not alone. My brother played the game from start to finish. He was indifferent about it. I kinda liked it, but I was of two minds at the time of release: Level designs were still a thing, and I liked the whole "go to A, beat A boss, go to B, and wait for the story to progress." But from what I felt, the game didn't really have a direction, it was actually going for the "Open World" feel. At this point, the design felt like "you can't have one without the other." Then came DMC3, which actually brought the two ideals together.

Then there's the controls. It felt clunky in the state it was in. The game pretty much says "use your guns!" And not the combo of the sword and the gun. I've always saw guns as an after thought in DMC, DMC2, and yes, DMC3. In fact, the only thing the guns do (especially in 3), is to keep your opponent at a distance without blocking or slashing, because there are times you need to recover before you go to the next action. Especially in Devil Trigger mode. DMC was always going to be a strategic game, and it shows in DMC3. The original DMC was good, but it needed controller polish, and it showed in DMC3.

I love DMC to death. But I just can't go back to the old controls, you'd have to press a trigger button just to do an sword uppercut, or shoot, or something.

DMC2 is worse in this aspect, it was severely lacking.
DMC 2 really isn't the unplayable mess some fans make it out to be. It is very much a functioning hack n slash and video game. It's just so underwhelming compared to its predecessor. That's where the stigma comes from.

I do admit, I really do like the parkour like mechanics. Doing backflips off walls all while firing your guns is pretty cool. Something I'd like to see brought back like that.
I agree with everything you said in here.

Devil Player

Well-known Member
I liked DMC 2 more than DMC 5, and I'm shocked. I'm in the minority, but DMC 5 didn't click with me.

Maybe that's because I'm not a Nero fan. I hate Nero, so I might be biased in that regard. DMC is and it'll always be Dante first.

Dr. Cheesesteak

Well-known Member
Necro'ing this again as I just finished DMC2 (Lucia's campaign). And...I liked it. I'd actually really like to play Dante's campaign, but I'm ready to move on to DMC4 (playing them in story order).

My gripes were the auto-targetting and poor camera, but besides that, I'm not sure why fans **** on this game so hard? From some quick old thread reading and comments here, it just seems like it's too easy and lacked combat depth/options? ...okay? So it deserves to burn in a dumpster fire for that? Makes me start to question how some fans think... I mean, the development history behind the game sort of justifies these design choices. Right away when I saw there were no unlockable moves, I thought "makes sense, game had a bad development cycle, they likely did this to ease the development."

Like, nothing is bad about the game... besides the camera and targetting. And I suppose maybe the price tag for such a short game? But every design choice makes sense, given the circumstance, and I think it was done fairly well, all things considered.
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