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About Sparda - A theory


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Hello everyone,

I've been thinking about this for now a couple of years and I would like to share something that was so obvious I was sure some already thought about it.
I looked on internet, and I've never found any topic about what I'm about to wright about. Maybe I didn't do enough investigation.
Anyway, I would like to leave a trace about this theory, and have your toughts back about it.
In a way, I'm kinda proud of it. :)

Where is Sparda ?

That is the question I asked myself time to time those past years while playing DMC franchise.
It is more or less told that, he's sealed, somewhere. Or at least his power.
I've got something else, quite simple, quite obvious, to offer as an answer.

Sparda is Rebellion.

I share with you, 5 lore points that led me to think Sparda is probably the sword Rebellion :

1. A Gift
I gonna start with the last think that make me think about it, the description of "Rebellion" in DMC2.
"A gift from a father to his son."
If my memory is right, it is not mentionned how Sparda got this sword. And so he vanished shortly after.

2. The Shape
Sparda, was, quite clearly a humanoid demon.
Close to a human body, with a devilish head, but closer to a human than most of the boss we did fight along the franchise.
And Rebellion is a human-like skelleton torso with... a devilish head.

3. Of Course, a Sword
Sparda means sword. He's describe as "Legendary Dark Knight" and his whole life and fighting style is described as swordsmanship.
The anime is pretty focused on that part.
And as we know it, strong demons when they "die" often take the shape of what they represent the most.
What else than a sword Sparda could be ?

4. The Name, synthesis of his legend
Rebellion. That's what he did. The very legend of him is about how he Rebelled against hell and Mundus. He is the very incarnation of the Rebellion.
So the sword, given to his most Rebellious child, carry the name of this part of his mind.

5. Duality Yamato - Rebellion
If Yamato seal and/or divide man from Devil as it is told, Rebellion is the contrary.
This is the very story of Sparda.
A demon that had a soul, who separated demon world from human world and lived his last years like a human instead of a demon.

About the Lore

I needed to do some pretty obvious constations, aside from my little theory to be clear.
In a way Dante and Vergil, are Sparda.
Each of him incarnate half of his nature :
His mind, serious, cold and strong for Vergil, and laid back, rebellious and free for Dante.
His color, as often shown wearing purple which is the meeting between Blue (Vergil) and Red (Dante).
We could continue this list with some other exemples but I guess it's clear enough.

About the Swords
This theory could be completed by Yamato's point of view. If I'm quite sure there's no trace in official media that Sparda did own and used Rebellion, in DMC4 it is told that he used Yamato to seal demon wold.
But he may have been powerfull enough to divide his "soul" in two different weapon.
Isn't it said that when he sealed the demon world he lost... half of his power ? Or at least suggested ?
He could have used Yamato, then, turn the rest of his power (50%) to create Rebellion, and with the time remaining after it, place it somewhere Dante could take it.
Sounds like something very "manga"-like, that could be in the spirit of the creator of the game.


There's probably things missing but I've found it to be a pretty strong theory.
Strong enough to be almost sure, this is what the gamedesigner/lore maker intentionnaly did.
I would like to read your opinion about it.
Last thing, you probably noticed, english is not my main language at all, so sorry if sometime the text was loosing consistancy.

Thanks for reading me


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Solid theory, and him being part of rebellion and yamato would he cool

Makes you wonder, if dante combined devil sword dante with yamato. What would happen.
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