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a request for a mod: DmC Devil May Cry SPECIAL Edition


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you know what I mean by that, play as Vergil in a cutsceneless main campaign
I know I know, this type of mod is hard to make, the mod scene for this game is all-but dead, bt the game still exists and Vergil Downfall it's still very short

well... if anyone can make it, please link me...


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A long time ago, there was a video featuring a mod where you could actually play as Vergil using his moveset.

I can't find it anymore, but I do remember seeing it.

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maybe you mean this Mod :unsure: but first let me confirm this the mod you want is Vergil in main camping and you basically switch it with Dante but I can say some times this kind of mods is buggy on some levels so be careful (I don't test it soo read the people comments with google translate in EN) and if you go the Site download in the Russian language (don't let google translate the site just original language) and one more thing before anyone in this forum tell me why I don't link Nexus Mods as always because this mod is not there and it is rare so I must link a site that has this mod so good luck with Vergil swipe in main camping my friend.
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