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2020 SS run! (Vergil, new game DMD)


Look what you made me do, boredom!
Additional rules:
  1. All life upgrades must be obtained (doubles as a guide!)
  2. No DT (Except in secret mission 9, where it's required)
  3. Turbo ON
The highlights are m13 (contains the two hardest secret missions) and m18 (contains all bosses).
Hope you enjoy!

P.S m13 and m14 contain sound but no music. I had to turn it off because of a framerate issue. Sorry about that.

Woki Bakoki

Well-known Member
Damn! He's lost it! He's insane! This is incredible! Huge respect to you man. Here I was struggling to get a standard S rank on Mission 3 Normal mode... I would say I suck but, learning RG just so I could beat DMD Vergil without items because I was sick of cheesing bosses with items is something I'm gonna be remembering forever XD But enough about me, you rock man!
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