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Seno Kasegono BIO:

✔Verified Official BIG Adventures of Rena Kasegono RolePlayer
© Profile Original & Official

Name: Seno Kasegono
Age: 13
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Red

((Chaos, Land of Disorder))

Long ago chaos was a conduit to dark and mysterious power. The creatures that lived in shadow would return to this town to replenish their power under the light of the blood moon. However, as time progressed Chaos became home to many people who in time industrialized it and made it into a modern future city.

Though under the blood moon the dark entities return to that place replenishing their energy during the Witching Season. Due to this and the flow of constant dark energy within the town, Chaos tends to drift in and out of disorder supplying Rena and Seno with an almost limitless amount of adventure.

((The Kasegono Tale))

Long ago there was a dark and powerful demon. He came in and out of the human world to plague it with darkness and despair. The demons name was Soru Kasegono and for many centuries he was known as Lost Soul.

Every year the demon lord returned to Chaos to replenish his supply of dark energy but one year he met a woman and fell in love. Soon he gave up his rank in the demon world to stay with his love. Though in the demonic world his brethren sickened by this planned to eliminate him and the one he loved.

Within a year the two had married but the demons on the other side continued to torment Chaos with misery and death. He used the power he had conserved to fight off his demon brethren but realizing that they would only return to bring more harm to him and his love he desperately attempted to seal the demonic presence from the town. He too was trapped on the other side of the barrier unable to return.

He cried for his love and for the children that they had hidden so well from his brothers. She died that night giving birth to twins. Their names... Rena and Seno.

((Life Before The Adventures))

With the death of their mother Rena and Seno were taken in to Mischance Orphanage a place where they lived by each others side for a few years. By the time Seno was 3 he began training under The Order of Dragons. He studied the fighting art Kaji Ryu.

When he became 7 the orphanage was attacked by a Patriot scientist known as William Summers. He captured Rena but was unable to do the same to Seno who fled the orphanage before it was too late.

After the attack he was taken in by The Order of Dragons and began fiercely training. The training lasted for5 years and at its end he was given the position of Master. He was the youngest to attain this and the first to do it in such a short period of time.

((The BIG Adventures of Rena Kasegono))

A year after the end of his training Seno was reunited with his sister who had been saved from Project Dark Angel by Liquid Snake during the time he was training. The two became well known in the Town of Chaos and were loved unconditionally by their neighbors.

Seno developed a sweet tooth and Rena having spent her time with Liquid developed an addiction to pie.

Rena and Seno later stumbled upon a Patriot android named D whose initial goal was to capture the twins but her system became corrupted and reset itself. She soon became their best friend. The town of Chaos too began to change and the constant disorder it was known for amplified. With Rena's wild imagination, Seno's curiosity, and D's knowledge. The trio began to embark on the greatest adventures known to man.

The BIG Adventures of Rena Kasegono!
May 20, 1998 (Age: 25)
Space Station - The Saru3
Leader of a World Conquering group of PipoSarus



"Tricked you? Oh, come on now. It's called strategy. Stra... te... gy!"
~Specter -Ape Escape 3
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