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  • And your right, Sephiroth is awesome, and so is Auron. Balthier too, but what about Gilgamesh? Doesn't he deserve a spot in the most awesome character list?
    I think they all are awesome too but if i have to choose then...

    Gameplay - Final Fantasy I Anniversary Edition (PSP)
    No flaws, nothing broken, an excellent leveling system and great fighting system. Lots of bonus dungeons and it feels that this game could be extended in so many ways.

    Story - Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII (PSP)
    The story is awesome even though it was short. I played through the original seven but it ain't coming close to this masterpiece when it comes to the story of the games.

    Characters - All of them!!!
    All FF games have great characters, even the first one (Garland ftw!).

    World - Final Fantasy VI
    Yupp, the one who has the best overworld is easily FFVI, even though VIII and I had great overworlds. VI had two of them and lots to do in each.
    FFVII didn't have that much of a great world map, almost everything was explored and not that many secrets after Disc 1...

    Which Final Fantasy game is your favorite?
    Which one in gameplay, story, characters, world?
    'Allo chap.
    Sorry 'bout the late reply, I've been absolutely swamped with work lately.
    I've not been too bad thanks, things have been pretty decent, and how's yourself?
    Pretty good, got a few characters to level 100, burning my way through the Duel Colosseum thingy, trying to get Cloud's and Sephiroth's ultimate weapons.

    I'm amazed that it's got such gameplay value that after playing it to death, I still enjoy it. :lol:

    EDIT: Watched your Cloud vs Sephiroth video, great stuff, I've got a couple videos uploaded on YouTube myself, my own Cloud vs Sephy and Gabranth vs Jecht, take a look. :p
    Nice to meet you to. :p
    Yep, I do indeed play, fantastic game, if a little frustrating at times.
    Sure, always willing to talk about a game to a fellow player. ^^
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