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  • Well, to be honest I've had quite a good day really, I need this break I've been put under a lot of pressure lately due to piles of Business coursework -_____-' Now that I've got that done I'm pretty happy ^^ Luckily for you, you have a break from college. I mean, college, c'mon, I'd be praying to have a break from that heh heh :p All important though ;)
    Well, just on my break at College. Seems your day has had its ups and downs. Yeah, DK has said some nice things about you. All true, I assume :)
    That's a good point, where is the DK dude I wanna see him! And tell him thank you for that nice comment ^^ I'm okay at the moment, have the day off sick which is awesome but then again, I'm sick -_- what about you?
    Thank yew! I've missed quite a bit haven't I? I didn't even know I had a chatbox inside my user profile 0_0
    h my gosh!!
    Korn you're back!!! I've totally missed you! It's been weird without yiz!!!!
    How are you anyway? ^_^
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