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  • Hi,Koemi.I promised that I will tell you what is the difference of the two artbooks.

    Devil May Cry 4 Devil's Material Collection - has early drafts of DMC4,many CG artworks for monsters and characters,and exclusive artworks such as Dante with Yamato,Super Dante,and Super Nero.

    DEVIL MAY CRY 4 MATERIAL ARCHIVE saber of savior - has lyrics for several songs in the OST like Out of Darkness,first public exhibition of making cutscene movie,Scenario pages,character guide,weapons and monsters.A DVD is included,although i don;t know what it is for.

    I bought the Devil's Material Collection,and it is worth the money.Sorry for the late info,because i just bought the artbook yesterday and asked the anime shop owner about the other artbook.Hope it helps you.:)
    I'm sorry to hear you are busy, but I'm glad you're doing pretty good in college. I like that.

    It's nice to hear and I surely missed my chats with you, too. Take care of yourself, big girl...:D
    I hope you are doing okay with your exams, all the best and everything Koemi ;)

    I am fine, thanks for asking. Yeah, I'm sure you have had a lack of sleep. Sorry to hear this :) I know I get slightly annoyed as of late, if I haven't had that beauty sleep...
    Yeah, I've noticed.

    Well, It's good to see you around. I hope everything is going alright. I'm fine. ^_^
    I wrote a new fic called "Bloody Vengeance" and Vergistar deemed me as THE BEST fan fic writer ever. Which I was pleased with, so I am happy. Anyway, how was your day?
    Bored and tired, yet seriously inspired *A rhyme* Yey :lol:

    I aim to do much more fic work later on today. Even I myself look forward to what I am going to write :lol:
    Well, I just want to say something to you, before PM-ing you the images. DON'T DISTRIBUTE THEM. DON'T SHOW THEM TO ANYONE!
    Any need for the sticky out tongue? :lol: You're so random with the smileys. Anyway, thanks... But I doubt it is... I haven't put much into the story...
    Sorry for not replying sooner.. Busy you see ;)

    And I do have a story for my Concept. Dante's stuck, about to be sacrificed... The whole Vergil returns part, and Nero entering to save Dante... It's all there ;) In pieces at the moment... Just be patient, I can't write it all in a day :lol: I'm not that good :p
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