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  1. Keaton

    Ask the Staff Anything

    That does make sense, hm... I wonder how many more of my insanities you can make sense of? *flicks through the list*
  2. Keaton

    Ask the Staff Anything

    I can accept these but cannot except 'drawing a bath' and 'catching the bus'.
  3. Keaton

    "Just Because THIS.... Doesn't Mean THAT..."

    I've been having some 'passionate' discussions regarding Sony's unvieling of it's new 3D/AR Tech, it it most recently did boil down to the other party saying 'well we can all have opinions'. But ye'see, that's the difference between a 'passionate discussion' and an outright flame war...I don't...
  4. Keaton

    No Mans Sky

    Quite eager to see the final product here and while a full-price release was...well...imminent, I sincerely hope it lives ujp to the hype!
  5. Keaton

    EIGHT YEARS!!?!?! WOOOW!!! ;)

    EIGHT YEARS!!?!?! WOOOW!!! ;)
  6. Keaton

    Eight Years. Wow.

    Eight Years. Wow.
  7. Keaton


    Looking forward to this since both DD and JJ hit their marks perfectly! Now they just need a cameo from PP or WW, or maybe even SS to even out the alliteration hero crew!
  8. Keaton

    Happy Birthday Berto.

    Happy Birthday Berto.
  9. Keaton

    What are you currently playing?

    Cyber Sleuth indeed! I also chose Terriermon, however quickly found it made little difference since you can get all three starters after an hours levelling / digivolving! :D I just digivolved my Stingmon and X-Veemon into Paildramon, looking to finalse a solid team shortly methinks! On Next...
  10. Keaton

    What are you currently playing?

    I spent far too long on Digimon this weekend...well, not too long, it was my only reprive from miles and miles of c# coding!
  11. Keaton

    What Are You Thinking?

    That it's early and cold, and everything seems to be breaking today!
  12. Keaton

    What Are You Thinking?

    Thank you. I'm just a couple years away from that myself but still hold firm the resolve that you can be a grown-up but still immature! Think of all the cartoons and cool toys you'll be able to (socially) justify playing with - and the Lego's THE LEGOS! I think maybe the little one needs a Lego...
  13. Keaton

    What Are You Thinking?

    Today is my one-year Wedding Aniversary, which also marks 11yrs 1month together. Rather proud.
  14. Keaton

    Baby Drakan incoming

    Super Happy Mega Congratulations! Ava Drakan has a great ring to it! :D
  15. Keaton

    What Are You Thinking?

    Thinking "I really hope they go easy on me because I'm a kid...oh wait, I'm not a kid, I'm an adult -- WHAT HAPPENS IF THEY DON'T GO EASY ON ME!" ...which is me with new things.