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  • I then destroyed his main base with my templars and a mothership and a bunch of void rays. Killed his last remaining survivors, then finally finishing off his attempt to rebuild another base in the distance by destroying it.

    Why did I write all this? You surely don't even care... -.-
    I just had this wonderful one hour battle in Starcraft II.
    It was so epic, I destroyed some of my enemies resources, he assaulted my base with no success. I assaulted his base, cleaning out a fifth of his base.

    He then crushed my main base with a gigantic army, by then I assaulted his main base destroying half of it and fled with my probes to make another base.

    With the new base I made Dark Templars and he ain't someone who uses observers so win-win situation. Used warp gates so they instantly came to any energy fields that pylons expand. But my warp prism can transform into a pylon like thing so I used it and then teleported 3 dark templars over there and destroyed his two second bases.
    He found out about my secret base with dark templars and came with his gigantic army and destroyed it, doesn't matter though. I had one dark templar over there and he had no detector, his full army, destroyed by a puny templar. My base was destroyed but I had one left. Fully defended and with troops.
    are u playing devil may cry 4 pls add me in ym
    I sent you a PM. I kinda c*cked it up though.

    where it said:
    (Because i hate looking at with names.)
    It should've been white names.
    It does seem a bit mad, doesn't it? Basically, Steve has me as an admin on his Fable site and needed an extra pair of hands here because he can't always get on the boards (this was before Keaton, Angelo Credo and Dark Drakan). So he asked me - at the time this place was FULL of trolls, spammers and children so it was more of a case of cleaning up than talking about games. I've seen the games being played so I have some idea of what's going on, but when people are discussing details, I haven't a clue :lol:
    I could never make that out... Its been a long time since i've seen the ending of DMC2. Glad to hear your better...
    I've got that little MSN thingy on my account. Or shall i send my email address to you via PM??
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