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Hello! My name is Azure and I’m a very tired kumquat. But that’s not new lol.

I’m originally from New England, but currently living in Southern California. Been here for almost ten years to try to start a new life. Which eventually led to me going to college for Graphic Design and 3D animation. Now I graduated, but have yet to make that next leap to become a game designer and make my own game… *insert nervous laugh here* Until then… I’m just slaving away working with dogs and need to also get back to streaming on Twitch.

Anyway I know I’ve been MIA here often and I miss being here. For those that don’t officially know me…. Hi :p Don’t mind my crazy sass-ness lol
Aug 11, 1989 (Age: 34)
Dog Daycare/ Twitch Affiliate Noob


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"Should I kill you quickly to show my appreciation for all you've done? Or should I kill you slowly and painfully to show you my love..." Kuja (Final Fantasy IX)


"If you're frightened of dying and you're holding on, you'll see Devils tearing your life away. If you made your peace, then the Devils are really Angels freeing you from the Earth" Forsaken (VNV Nation)



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