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UMvC3 Color Palettes for Classic Dante


Random modder & playa
Based on the Color Palettes 2-6 from UMvC3


Sample for UMvC3

Color Palette #2

Color Palette #3

Color Palette #4

Color Palette #5

Color Palette #6

*MOD requires the DLC Costume Pack*

*Requires Texmod to run this mod*
Download Texmod here: https://www.moddb.com/downloads/texmod4

To install this mod:
1. Open TexMod
2. Run Texmod in "Package Mode"
3. Click on the big folder icon on Target Application (Top Left), hit browse, then select "DmC-DevilMayCry.exe" in the directory at Steam\steamapps\common\DmC Devil May Cry
4. Once you've selected the executable, click on the folder icon in the middle, hit browse, then click on the TPF files of your choice.
5. Press "Run" and your mods will load in-game.
6. Enjoy!

Image source:

1.1 Change Log
  • Fix to the hair color on Color Palette 2
  • Fix to the pants color on Color Palette 4

Download Link
Alternative Download Link
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Random modder & playa
Do you think you can make Postal 2 and 3 texture mod for this costume?
I don't take requests unless they're from my friends or people I know
Hey, would like to ask if you have that Color 2 Costume w/ Black Hair?
Btw, great work.
No, but if you download this mod here, you can get the black hair along with the costume. Make sure to place the "black hair" tpf file above the Color 2 scheme.
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