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Sorry guys, we've had to disable the Arcade

by Steve Powell on Sep 27, 2016 at 9:07 AM
  • Steve Powell

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    Hi guys,

    I wanted to make this post yesterday, but pretty much everyone in the Powell household has been falling ill (with me being the latest) over the past few days. I normally get by on around 5-6 hours of sleep most days, but yesterday I slept from around 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. this morning. Yeesh.

    I decided to disable the Arcade system yesterday after discovering that it has been practically abandoned by the original coder at some point in 2014 and has since been discovered to be insecure. We've been hacked before and it has never been fun. I can't have exploitable software running on the server.

    For anyone curious, we were using XF Arcade: https://xfrocks.com/threads/xf-arcade-0-2-0-testing.262/

    Now, if anybody signed up for a Gold account because of Arcade access, please do let me know and I can get on top of sending a refunding back to your PayPal account. Send me a private message with your PayPal transaction ID and we can get the ball rolling.

    On the plus side, we're going to look into adding some additional perks for Goldies to help sweeten the situation. Actually, if you have any suggestions, do please get 'em posted below. We can't offer a diamond Rolls Royce with every Gold subscription, but we want to make sure that those of you that are extra awesome and help whittle away at those evil server bills get an extra special thanks from us.

    Sorry that this was a quick one. Any questions please feel free to ask and I'll make sure to address them when my stomach has stopped doing somersaults.
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  1. DDutchguy
    The arcade consisted of the couple of games that you could play here on the forums right? The members with the #1 score will probably be a little sad haha. Still, if the arcade is not secure it is indeed for the best to disable it.

    Btw I didn't buy gold for the arcade so no need to worry about a refund.
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  2. Steve Powell
    That's cool, man. I never touched it myself, but I know that there were a few peeps that were quite fond of it. Sucks to have to remove features, especially as it was probably one of the motivators behind some Gold subscriptions, but keeping this place bulletproof and hacker-free is paramount. Well, not really, keeping you guys happy is paramount, but, ya know, nobody's gonna be happy if the site gets turned inside out by script kiddies out on their jollies.
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  3. Dark Drakan
    Like Steve said, we never like to have to remove things but in this instance it was unavoidable if we wanted to keep the site secure. If there are any features that anyone knows of or any perks current Gold Subscribers would like or any that would sweeten the deal of donating for future donations then feel free to let us know and we will see what we can do.
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  4. ReaperHunter
    Welp, Ima have to find somewhere else to play tetris now.

    Hello there guest. Please Register or Log in to view images!

    (get over it ya nancy, there are literally a thousand other ways to play it) But I understand, keeping the hackers away is well worth sacrificing the couple games we had.
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  5. lorddemolatron
    thats okay for me since well i never used that perk for gold membership buts better to have secure forum than getting suprise in being hacked or getting virus on site people thinked been safe
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  6. LordOfDarkness
    But my...

    ...my scores :(

    I'm just kidding. It was necessary to remove it. Can't have us being compromised.
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  7. Erian1Mortal
    wooo woooo what?
    We had an arcade on the forum?
    I must be blind XD
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  8. Angel
    Ha! Not so funny being ill now, is it?!

    Also boo arcade sad face etc.
  9. Ash.
    What's this chat thing?
  10. Dark Drakan
    We are testing a new chat server, its marketed as a more advanced gamer's alternative to Skype and TeamSpeak and we thought it would be nice to get people who game together & chat on forum and such to use our own chat server. Dont know if we will keep it just yet but thought we would trial it and see how it goes.
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  11. LordOfDarkness
    Can't hurt to give it a try.
  12. DDutchguy
    As in the Discord server? The link doesn't work for me unfortunately.
  13. Dark Drakan
    Dont know if Steve has opened it to everyone yet or its just in test phase for staff.
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  14. lorddemolatron
    nice well to see that forum gets also chat but im concerned when it starts i have to get that discord app on PC ? Or it will be okay from net just by logon in it ?
  15. LordOfDarkness
    I think it will be okay just logging on. That's what I've been doing without having to download anything.

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