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Smokin' hot: Steam offering 40% off discount on DmC for the weekend

by Steve Powell on May 20, 2013 at 9:41 AM
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    For the PC gaming enthusiasts amongst us whom haven’t yet indulged themselves in the pleasures of the freshly-rebooted Dante’s new — err, first adventure through the demon-soaked world of Limbo, then perhaps might be the perfect time to consider suiting up, for Steam have lopped off a very generous 40% off the overall price of the game. Interested? Angel Glide your way over to the Steam Store right now to secure yourself a digital copy and have it immediately fed through your inter-pipes.

    Feeling extra brazen? Why not splurge on each of the three premium DLC packs also, including Vergil’s Downfall, for they’re all also enjoying the very same 40% off discount. Jackpot indeed.
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  1. Nero's little Sis
    Bank card where are you were getting more DMC

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