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Resident Evil Village


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Okay, enough time has passed to allow me to ruminate on my thoughts regarding this game...for all good that did as I still have a lot of mixed feelings on RE8.

Overall I would describe this game as very "messy". For as many gripes as I had with 7, it at least had a clear vision of what it wanted to be - a love letter to the Southern Gothic genre of horror like "The Texas Chain Saw Massacre". But while Capcom wanted to replicate that with 8, it did not come together as mashing together the likes of Dracula, Frankenstein and Dr. Moreau ended up leaving the levels a disjointed mess that didn't feel like they even belonged in the same game.

Whilst I appreciate them trying to give Ethan more of a character, it ultimately felt too half-hearted and scenes like where he's having a mental breakdown over seeing the villagers he knew for all ten minutes be killed came off as really weak. Speaking of, I felt the titular "Village" was a major letdown as it's already run over by monsters by the time you get there and the remaining villagers are killed off shortly after you meet them, leaving the Village as little more than a Hub Level in-between the Four Lords. It would have been a lot cooler if you arrive in the village and *then* the Lycans start attacking and you have to lead the survivors who slowly decrease as they help you against the Four Lords.

Ultimately I'm not exactly sure where my feelings lie. I can see a really good game in concept but the execution was really botched and so while it pains me to say it, I think I liked 7 more. I do hope Capcom learn from 8 and make 9 a whole lot better. (For starters, ditch the First Person Perspective)

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I just thought the whole game was weird from start to finish. I didn't like the reason why Chris doesn't share his knowledge with Ethan early on. I get that he didn't fully know how unique Ethan was or whatever, but the lack of explaining was not impressive to me. In fact, while I was happy that Chris at least somewhat looked like Chris from 5 and 6 again, the voice acting and the plot was vastly annoying.

The game in general wasn't bad for a singular run, but I just feel no motivation to play through it again. I even think the similarly themed Resident Evil 4 is more fun to play, even though I also have mixed feelings about that game. Like, okay. It's an influential action game. We generally agree that it's fun to shoot villagers and be macho. Doesn't really feel like the PlayStation era games at all though in terms of the creepiness, so that's probably why people bash it a lot.

Like, Resident Evil Zero has near indestructible leech men that keep you on your toes. I'd say that's a scarier game, even though Billy assists Rebecca. You still feel pretty overwhelmed. The remake is still by far the most atmospheric one, due to the fact that Crimson Heads are just a scary sight to see. The glorious graphics and sound effects too, are still amazing for gamers today. This is a game from 2002, as well. That's just great.

Nail Polish Remover

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It's cool that Capcom has unveiled a third person mode for the game. Although they're probably likely going to obscure Ethan's face anyway.

I would have loved to have had DLC that focuses on Chris investigating why the BSAA is using what appears to be clones. I guess that's being reserved for RE9, or whatever. But the content with Rosemary looks amazing. Reminds me of the scenario with Natalia Korda and Dark Natalia.
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