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PlayStation Plus subscribers to receive DmC for free in January

by Steve Powell on Dec 29, 2013 at 6:34 PM
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    It feels like only yesterday that Ninja Theory's Marmite-like DmC: Devil May Cry came kicking and screaming, hacking and slashing its way into existence — when in actual fact it was on the morn of January 15, 2013 that the game began whizzing off store shelves. Still, despite having nearly been available for less than a year, Sony and Capcom are looking to get eager tongues wagging once more by releasing the rebooted Dante's first adventure for free to PlayStation Plus members at some point in January, precisely 12 months since the game's original release.

    Cheers to DMC Community regular TWOxACROSS for blowing the whistle on this particularly appetizing news morsel — much appreciated.

    Via PlayStation Blog (USA)
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