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Our Devil May Cry HD Collection competition has come to a close; the winners decided

by Steve Powell on Mar 22, 2012 at 10:22 PM
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    Earlier this month, we dared our devilishly clever community members to dazzle us with their drawing, joke telling and imaginative skills. We did so because we were recently provided the green light from Capcom to get a contest or two started — a contest whereby a select number of users would be able to score themselves a copy of Capcom’s upcoming, Smokin’ Sick Stylish Devil May Cry HD Collection.

    Included below are the winners. Prepare to have your mind blown.

    Best Drawing

    Stipulation: Must feature Dante and Vergil performing a bro-tastic high five.

    Winner (Xbox 360): Zaiachi

    Winner (PS3): BlueDevil

    Best Joke

    Stipulation: Must in some way be based around a Devil May Cry theme.

    Winner (Xbox 360): Capcomcaretaker

    One evening Dante starts to feel a bit saddened that he never stays in any proper long term relationship. He tries to take his mind off it but he just can’t. So, in an act of desperation and loneliness he decides to check out a local restaurant holding a speed-dating evening. He’s embarassed at first, but after looking around at the other guys involved, he realises he has a pretty good chance of finding a partner.

    The first woman sits opposite – she’s tall, thin and remarkably cute. they talk for a few minutes and exchange jokes but before anything get’s serious, she moves on. Dante keeps calm but can’t help feeling slightly rejected. Then a second woman sits down – she has a much different physique, but her personality is totally soothing and again, he finds it very easy to get on with her. Sadly though, before anything get’s serious she moves on, looking for something else.

    Dante, feeling humiliated, is about to leave when a large muscular man sits opposite him, looking at him with intense sexual desire. Dante recoils slightly, not expecting to be confronted with this situation and in a moment of irritation snaps: “So what the hell makes you think I’m gonna take you home huh?!” The man simply smiles and casually replies:

    “My name’s Alastor and I’ve already been inside you once.”

    Winner (PS3): MynameisDante

    Why does the new Dante smoke? He’s pretty desperate for smoking sick style!

    Best Boss/Villian Idea for a future DMC game


    Winner (Xbox 360): TheDarkSlayer

    [Read in full]

    Winner (PS3): ReRave

    [Read in full]

    Congratulations to you six! You’ve all earned yourselves a courtesy copy of the Devil May Cry HD Collection for the platform of your choosing! We want to also say thank you to everybody for taking part in this, our first pair of big competitions. Expect more contests to roll out soon!

    A special thank you to Capcom’s UK PR Manager, Adam Merrett, for helping to make all this happen.
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