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First DmC review rolls in: Dante scores himself '89%' from GamesMaster

by Steve Powell on Jan 2, 2013 at 10:05 AM
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    There’s still another two weeks left to go before Dante’s latest adventure comes kicking and screaming into stores, but that hasn’t stopped UK gaming publication GamesMaster from making their opinions known nice and early. Ninja Theory’s upcoming reboot was able to score itself a stylish rating of ’89%’, and garner the sort of which would make even the mighty Mundus blush: “Bold, brutal and utterly brilliant re-imagining of the series that practically defined the hack-’n'-slash genre”, writes GamesMasters in their upcoming magazine issue.

    Further praise was aimed towards Ninja Theory’s work on the game’s many foes and antagonists that crop up throughout the story, with GamesMaster commenting, “[enemies are] a brilliantly designed mash of gnarled limbs and grotesque features that not only look fantastic, but have been expertly moulded to fit [DmC: Devil May Cry's] urban aesthetic.”

    Remarkably, however, while GamesMaster gushed over the enemy design, the seemingly formulaic approach that the game takes towards boss battles appear to be one of the game’s only sour points:

    “[DmC: Devil May Cry] falls flat when it comes to boss battles that are at total odds with the forward thinking design of the rest of the game. You know the sort – learn this attack pattern! Dodge this area attack! – you’ve fought them all a hundred times before in a hundred different hack’n'slash titles, and, sadly, there’s nothing here that’s nearly as memorable as duking it out with Phantom and Vergil from the 2001 original.”

    While not the most flattering of ways to conclude a review, GamesMaster are sticking to their guns, and further echoing and lending credit to the growing rumours surrounding DmC: Devil May Cry‘s questionable boss scenarios.

    Issue 260 of GamesMaster is due out later this month, complete with the total and unfettered DmC: Devil May Cry review.

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