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Finally playing this for the first time, so how is it? Well...

Woki Bakoki

Well-known Member
For experience reference, I've beat DMD on every game so I think I can remember which Dante is the red one and which Dante is the blue one.

Somehow this game has just been a total mystery for me while I've been tearing through the rest of the series. I finally got it and am trying it out, at the time of writing I just beat Mission 7 on my first ever run so it really is just a first impression. About 2 hours of play time I think... Oh no...

Now I didn't have super duper high hopes, I was thinking it would be a lot like 3 with a hint of 5 or maybe the other way around. I was correct but with a few unique gimmicks. Such as, sucking mega edge lord trailer trash Donte balls! Ok maybe not that bad, it actually looks great! Apart from the faces imo but technically it's really nice and smooth, runs well and the controls are nice too. It's still DMC, the bar is high. But this is quickly devolving into a DMC1 story for me. I wanna like it so bad but it just isn't clicking. I simply can't get behind it. While in DMC1 it was a few annoying qwirks. DMC4 has me annoyed by massive blunders. I looked it up and I'm not alone, then I learn the horrid truth that it was rushed and then it started to make sense. Oh DMC4 not you too :(

My main issue is simply level design. Looks great, but actually try sinking your teeth into Fortuna Castle quickly starts to raise red flags. For the most part its been fairly linear and I like that, but at the end of Mission 6 it said screw all that. Where's the bridge? Good luck lil chicken! Listen here ****er, if I wanted to go off the beaten path and explore, I'll go do that. If not, just show me where to go!! I HATE being lost in any game so this defeated me till I gave in and looked up a walkthrough (which I also really don't like doing). I'm really not the thinking type ok, maybe I'm just super dumb. But a way point would of been nice. Just a little help to stop me wandering aimlessly. Even DMC1 told you where to go on the map. Quick point on top of this: does anyone else feel like the map menu in DMC4 is really awkward and irritating?

Finally, mission 7 hits and they said, fall off the squares and face a crowd of basic enemies. That's when I was like "Yeah ok, that's enough for today." Also speaking of enemies wtf! Remember the floating white angel ones in DMC3 that everyone hates especially for their ability to float into walls out of reach. Well in DMC4 they figured that'll be one of the first few enemies you fight. Who in their right mind thought to bring back anything even a little bit like those damn glowing angel winged biblically inaccurate inbreeds!?

Ramble over. Sorry to be so harsh. I still think the game has some nice points in there but if I can't get to the good bits because I can't make this stupid jump and are getting lost in a maze of gyros and meaningless laughing grunts. Then we got a real problem. I've just been chasing Dante the whole game so far, it's as if even Nero is desperate for some of this charm and PS2 era coolness but Dante is seemingly as tight lipped as he was in DMC2. At the very least he could of dressed as well as he did in 2 as well. I'll eventually beat this game just once and then likely retreat back to Temen-Ni-Gru.

Ethan Tangent

Active Member
The fallen make me want to cry . Also I feel this oml. I love the combat and Nero but everything else isn't great. It's a good game but 3 and 5 is just better imo
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