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DmC PC release date revealed, get ready to raise hell in January

by Steve Powell on Dec 13, 2012 at 10:06 AM
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    PC gamers: rejoice, for the wait to get our hands on a Windows-friendly version of the game won’t be nearly as agonizing as some might have initially believed. Come January 25th, 2013, a forgiveable 10 days after its console counterpart release, DmC: Devil May Cry will indeed come kicking and screaming its way — in a suitably hellish manner — onto what is, frankly, the superior gaming platform: the Personal Computator.

    You might be wondering how the PC version of DmC: Devil May Cry is looking right now — we certainly are. Have a gander at the 2 gameplay videos below, both of which sporting PC-only captured in-game footage. Thankfully, unlike its console cousins, the PC version of the game will feature an unlocked framerate and fancy DirectX 11 visual enhancements to help keep everything looking nice and pretty whilst all that demonic blood is being spilled left and right.

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