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DmC gamplay video shows 'Classic' Dante in action

by Steve Powell on Jan 21, 2013 at 9:43 AM
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    Last week, it was revealed that Capcom and Ninja Theory were looking to further appease long-time followers of the Devil May Cry series by releasing a partly retro-themed DLC pack. And while it might only include a handful of alternate clothing options, it’s still managed to garner itself a fair amount of attention, due to the welcome inclusion of a very heavily-inspired Devil May Cry 3: Dante’s Awakening-like skin for Dante. Not only does the ‘costume’ include that familiar full-length leathery red trenchoat, but also supplants the new Dante’s jet-black hair with flowing white locks, ala teenage Dante of yore.

    We’re excited about it, you’re excited about it. Included below is a gameplay video featuring the new ‘Classic’ Devil May Cry 3 re-skin to help tide you over during the wait until January 30th, when the DLC hits the Xbox Live Marketplace and PlayStation network for 320 Microsoft Points and $4.00 respectively.

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  1. Cranberry
    til that cutscene with Mundas, where he gets hit so hard it knocks the classic off him and messes up his hair. But in all fairness, that effort is greatly appreciated. They didn't have to make those skins.

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