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DmC DLC going dirt cheap during Capcom's Midweek Madness sale on Steam

by Steve Powell on Feb 11, 2014 at 10:02 PM
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    While Capcom and Ninja Theory didn't seem quite as determined to jam-pack DmC: Devil May Cry with quite as much scrumptious additional, downloadable content as we might have hoped for, we're still thrilled to see that was is available is currently sporting a handsome 75% off sticker per DLC pack and a welcome invitation to get stuck right in.

    If you haven't yet picked up the DmC DLC bundle extravaganza during its year of premium-priced availability on the Steam store, now couldn't be a better time. Go on, then, get spending.

    Also, for those with something of a growing collection of Capcom titles residing within the ol' Steam Library, there's also a ton of other offerings from the developer-publisher's expansive repertoire of shooters and beat-'em-ups that are also boasting welcome discounts on DLC packs; check out the full range here and ready those wallets.
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