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Devil May Cry fan film trailer poses the question, 'What makes you cry?'


Fearfully and wonderfully made
May 1, 2006
Capcom has helped sling out five Resident Evil movies in the past decade, but we’re not seeing quite as much enthusiasm put towards punting out the first official Devil May Cry movie. Perhaps it’s because Dante is going through something of an identity crisis, what with his transition from white-haired bounty hunter and ladies’ man to adolescent, obscenity-spewing troublemaker. We don’t know. We’re not clued in, sadly.

Whatever the case, you can at least trust the fans to pour their energies into creating something that we’ve all been crying out for since we first stepped into the son of Sparda’s leathery trenchcoat. YouTube user Pharaohmones is one such admirer of the Devil May Cry franchise whom is working towards having Dante’s story played out on the silver screen — or, rather, the seemingly-ceaseless catalogue of connecting channels that makes up YouTube. Here’s what film maker Pharaohmones had to say regarding what the team’s mission in developing this unofficial — and as-yet untitled — Devil May Cry fan flick:

“[...] We steered away from the newer [DmC: Devil May Cry] look and went with the classic Dante, full of all the off-kilter J-Rocker style fans of the original series know all too well.”

Oh, and here be a rather titillating 50-second trailer to help further stir up the anticipation:

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