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Devil May Cry fan film sees Dante paying a visit to Raccoon City

by Steve Powell on Nov 15, 2013 at 1:59 PM
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    If ever there was need for two video gaming franchises to be brought together into one beautiful, harmonious package, it would be the Devil May Cry and Resident Evil series'. Because why not. A group of independent film makers appear to agree wholeheartedly, also, it seems. Watch on to see the 14-minute cinematic result of what likely began post-production as the best, drunken "what if" conversation ever to spout from the mouths of survival horror fans.

    Watch on for the brilliance that is Resident Evil: The Nightmare of Dante, and do make sure to keep those peepers open and ready to find out just whom was apparently behind all this zombie-summoning mayhem.

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  1. OppressedWriter
    Wow, this is pretty entertaining, great effects work.
    LordOfDarkness and Shadow Sparda like this.
  2. REAPER 3142
    Nice. that was really fun. Really makes me wish that Ebony and Ivory got more love in DmC.
  3. Dante17
    wish they had gone into dt
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  5. XTrishXCosplayer
    this is really amazing
    Shadow Sparda likes this.
  6. Sparda's rejected son
    Holy Crap! That was fantastic! I will now and forever judge any official DMC movie by these standards! Wow, just wow! Its amazing what fans can produce! They even had wire fu action!
    Shadow Sparda likes this.
  7. vahid behnamfard
    that was cool <3 love it
    Shadow Sparda likes this.
  8. Shadow Sparda
    I was blown away. I just saw it and wow. It was that cool.
  9. KRSkull
    Hmm This idea reminds me of a fan fic i red in this forum a long time ago.
  10. Kate
    That Dante's flying kick was amazing.
  11. ef9 o shea
    this is a pretty cool vid
  12. Dante Elísium
    wow é muito bom esse filme,porém acho meio forçado a participação do Dante e a de Nero,pois ambos são muito mais poderosos que qualquer horda de zumbis de residente evil,mas ainda sim é muito legal ver os dois mundos se chocando

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